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Parkour is a module.

The goal is to complete the parkour by following the checkpoints that are represented in the map as star particles (effects must be enabled in options to be able to see them).

Players who arrive in the end after passing all checkpoints earn 1 shop cheese and are able to use various powers, depending on how many maps they have completed. These players have yellow nicknames. With these powers, the players can help other players who have more difficulties to finish the map.

At least 4 players need to be in a Parkour room for wins to save. Data will not be saved in tribe houses, no matter how many players are in the room.

If all players have completed the map, there will be a 4 second timer waiting for the next map to appear.


ID Male title Female title Achievement
496 Piglet Complete 6,000 more maps
497 Checkpoint! Collect 3,000 more checkpoints
498 Press M Complete 1,500 more maps

Power trolling[]

Sometimes, players who have completed the map and have powers, might try and troll or intentionally use their powers to block and prevent another player's path to complete the map.

Forcing help on players who desire to solo the map (complete it without any help) can also be considered trolling, if they ask the players for no help yet they continue trying to help, that can also be a form of trolling. *Players can now identify whether a player would like help or not by a red line above their heads.

Though Transformice may allow the concept of trolling, this does not apply to the Parkour rules stated within the Discord server. Players can report trolling and hacking players to the Discord server and if a player is caught trolling they will be punished on either a time or Parkour round basis. Note that repeated trolls will lead to longer punishments and you may get banned by an admin.


The power window

Parkour hand.png

Unlocked powers and the number of completed maps can be seen by clicking the hand in the top right corner.

Due to new players unlocking useful powers early on (snowball, fly, balloon, teleport) the amount of completed maps have been upped to reduce trolling. If players bypass this, admins still have a right to ban.

You can change the keybindings to each power with the exception of the Teleport power.

Image Name Completed maps to unlock Default key
Familier 3.png Fly 5 Space
Speed.png Speed 10 Shift
Inventory 6 result.png Snowball 15 E
Balloon.png Balloon 20 Q
Personal Teleport.png Teleport 35 Parkour left click.png
Left Click
Small box.png Small box 50 Z
Cloud image.png Cloud 100 X
Shop-balloon4.png Master Balloon 200 Q
Bubble.png Bubble 400 Q
Inventory 11 result.png Tombstone 700 V
Chocolate Plank.png Chocoplank 1500 Control
Large box.png Big box 2500 B
Shop-trampoline1.png Trampoline 4000 N
Decoration 132.png Pig 5000 K
Decoration 121.png Sink Rank #70 C
Campfire object.png Campfire Rank #28 J
Decoration 125.png Chair Rank #14 G


  • The key for the balloon along with the master balloon and the bubble was at first Q but was changed to B, then later reverted to Q.
  • If you press O, it brings you the Options popup.
  • If you press L, it brings you the Leaderboard popup.
  • If you press M, you will mort.
  • If you press P, it brings up your power menu.
  • If you press H or type !help, it will bring your help and rule menu up.
  • If you press F, it will toggle a red line (no help symbol) to signify if the player wants help or not. Having the red line enabled means you want to solo the map and have no help from others who have already finished.
  • The old checkpoint particle effects were confetti.
  • Parkour staff will have a colored name (red for developers, purple for teams manager, pink for moderators, green for mappers).
  • The module went through a migration, meaning players lost their completed maps and powers unless they migrated their data through another room. The process is now outdated and further down below is how to migrate, up to date.
  • Parkour gets updated often and you can follow the progress through the module's Discord server; invite link: (you can also report players for trolling or breaking rules in the discord)
  • The amount of maps you needed to unlock a power have been upped for specific powers (snowball, fly, balloon, teleport) to reduce trolling.
  • Toilet is unlocked by being on the leaderboard (rank 70 or higher).
  • New powers were added (2.2.0 Version - 08/05/2020)
  • The module has returned with another migration process, but if players had already migrated the previous time, they do not need to migrate their data. To migrate their data, you need to travel to /room *#drawbattle0migration but need to whisper Blank#3495 or Tocutoeltuco#0000 to access the room, so that they can transfer your data to your parkour profile with no issues.
  • You can now donate by typing !donate, and it will bring up a link ( in the chat.
  • Typing !staff will show a window popup where you can view which Parkour staff are online. The Parkour staff and the Transformice staff are completely different and Parkour staff have no authority compared to the Transformice staff.
  • After completing a map, the player can type !cp to instantly teleport to a previous checkpoint.
  • Players now have profiles! You can type !profile [player] to view their profile.
  • Some maps will periodically show a poll to players where they can suggest to keep or remove the map.
  • 6 new powers were added (Version 2.5.0 - 05/09/2020)
  • Your time for completing a map will only start counting if you begin to move.
  • Players who have completed the map will have a Yellow nickname. Players who have completed the map in the shortest time will have a White nickname.
  • You can change the keybindings to each power with the exception of the Teleport power.
  • You can type !map to skip a map (only in your tribehouse)