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Paris is a town in France that mice visit during Valentine's Day and Bastille Day.

The Eiffel Tower

It has a café and various apartments. There is also a building named "Omelette du Fromage". Miles away is the Eiffel Tower, which mice have also explored in the aforementioned Bastille Day event.

Inside the café, there is limited seating and an array of romantic images hung on the walls. At the end of the first floor, there is what seems to be a door for the chef's quarters or a restroom. Lots of candles, plants, and garden decor are spread out throughout the building. Bookshelves and menus are located on the first floor, by the entrance. Like in 801 Town's pub, the café has an elevator system where air propels mice up quickly and efficiently. The patios of the elevator's second and third floors give mice a clear view of Paris' apartments. By the front of the café, there are thin black lamp posts with rounded lightbulb filters.


  • Paris is based on the real-life city Paris in France.
  • The phrase "omelette du fromage" is a pop culture reference to the cartoon show Dexter's Laboratory.