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Miscellaneous maps are categorized as P9, run in normal rooms and have a standard duration of 2 minutes. Maps that fall into this category do not fit into any other category or fit in more than one. The miscellaneous category does not refer only to the use of soulmates or collision between mice.


  • Soulmate/collision maps can go here.
  • Maps which do not fit under exactly one category.[1]


  • Soulmate: Use some technique in which the connected mice are part of the map's gameplay, and do not place the shaman away from mice spawn to prevent both the shaman's soulmate and the shaman himself from moving away towards each other as soon as the map starts. Also, do not forget that the unlucky mice that get AFK soulmates must also be able to complete the map somehow, which is why it is recommended that you leave some open space for the shaman to build.
  • Collision: Avoid placing mice spawn in an unsafe place, where many would die depending on the number of mice. Make a well-planned map where no one has an advantage over where you will spawn.[2]


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