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Dual Shaman maps, also known as cooperation shaman maps, are categorized as P8, run in normal rooms and have a standard duration of 2 minutes. These maps have Dual Shaman mode enabled - two shamans working together to help mice get to the hole.


  • Maps can generally be more difficult/complex to allow two shamans to cooperate.
  • There must not be a situation where the death of one shaman makes the map unfinishable for mice.
  • Maps must not encourage the shamans to fight.[1]


  • Shaman spawns: Find out how to make shaman spawns in this thread.
  • Difficulty: The map should not have a high level of difficulty in relation to P4 maps as a single shaman should still be able to complete it, since it may occur that one of shamans is AFK. An example of this are maps where each shaman spawns in a different cage and must build on a side of the map.
  • Cooperating: Do not confuse dual shaman maps with fight vanilla maps. On cooperation maps, the mice saved go to both shamans.[2]


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