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No Shaman maps are categorized as P7, run in normal rooms and have a standard duration of 2 minutes. P7 maps are not racing maps (P17). They are maps that do not need a shaman to be completed.


  • Map should be generally completable by mice of various skill but reward better-skilled mice.
  • Walljumping should be kept to a minimum.
  • Can include soulmate, collision and mechanism.[1]


  • Difficulty: Since a P7 map does not have a shaman, this means it should not be difficult for new players to complete it, therefore, do not fill your map with advanced techniques or repetitive and frequent movements.
  • Ways to get ahead: Make alternative paths, so that most experienced players may be able to get ahead of others, but remember that newer players must be able to successfully complete the map as well.[2]


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