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Art maps are categorized as P5, run in normal rooms and have a standard duration of 2 minutes.


  • There must be some gameplay to the map. Unless the art is of the highest quality, simply walljumping/building over the art will not be acceptable.
  • Art must be well aligned/should look great.
  • Art should be kept as lag-free as possible.[1]


  • Art quality: Over the years, the ways of creating art maps have evolved from drawings with map editor grounds only to drawings made with Viprin, and the standards have also increased - but that does not mean if you make your map with default map editor grounds you do not have a chance like those who made use of Viprin's drawing tool. It will depend on other factors such as these mentioned below.
  • Gameplay: The drawing on the map is not the single factor that will be taken into account, the gameplay is also as important as the art. The gameplay should be related to the art somehow for it to be considered as good.
  • Mechanical art: An art map in which there is a mechanism is certainly very admirable, however, if you are going to make the art move in a static way, it is best to leave it fixed at some place on the map. Notice that the more flexible the art is, the more noticeable your map will be. All in all, if there is too much detail, the map might cause lag to players.
  • Background art: Most times, if the art does not affect the gameplay, it does not bring anything interesting.[2]


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