Transformice Wiki

Deleted maps are categorized as P44. If a P0 standard map has over 100 votes and under 50% approval, it is moved to this category so that the map no longer plays in normal rooms. Additionally, if a standard map has any of the features mentioned below, it is moved to this category by the Map Crew.


  • Off-screen cheese/hole/spawn/gameplay.
  • Hidden hole/cheese/floor.
  • Crash maps.
  • Instant-cheese and instant-kill maps.
  • Unsafe spawns that inevitably kill AFK mice.
  • Copy maps.
  • Maps that (randomly) kill a considerable number of mice regardless of their skill.
  • Fake/troll grounds that affect gameplay in a negative manner (i. e. potentially kill many/all mice).
  • Maps that are impossible to finish.
  • Maps with offensive, racist or derogatory content.