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Shaman maps, also known as single shaman maps, are categorized as P4, run in normal and shaman rooms and have a standard duration of 2 minutes.


  • No 1 or 2 plank/generic solutions.
  • Maps which challenge shamans to try interesting and new builds.
  • Consideration for hard mode is encouraged but not necessary.
  • Maps shouldn't be too hard for newer shamans.[1]


  • Difficulty: As Shaman maps run in normal rooms, it is important to keep in mind that unexperienced shamans will have to complete the map, so work well on it so that it's not chaotic or necessary to have some advanced skill or knowledge for it to be completed. It is also important to remember that shamans who use normal, hard and divine modes will play on your map.
  • Solutions and buildings: It is interesting if a map does not force the shaman to have only one path to build on, or if it offers different ways to get to a certain place, but each one with different difficulties. Also, avoid making a map with common solutions, for example one that is completed by one or two planks. Do not place small spaces where the shaman can block the path of the mice by spawning objects. It is nice when both the mice and the shaman can interact with each other, as long as their spawn is at the same place, or has a dynamic ground where they both need to cooperate.[2]


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