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Dual Shaman Survivor maps are categorized as P24, run in survivor rooms and have a standard duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds. Maps in this category have two shamans instead of one.


  • Map should meet all P10 rules.
  • Map should be possible for a single shaman to still be able to kill all mice if one is AFK.
  • Map should be possible for mice to survive two shamans actively trying to kill them.
  • If the map has two separate shaman spawns, don't use holes. Add the following snippet between the <D> and </D> tags in the XML and adjust the coordinates. <DC Y="200" X="400" /><DC2 Y="200" X="400" />[1]


  • Gameplay: Survivor maps with two shamans have the same objective as the standard survivor, i.e., shamans must have enough room to kill mice even if one of them is AFK and mice must have enough room to escape from the shamans even if they are both playing.
  • Hole and cheese: Just as in survivor (P10) and vampire survivor (P11) maps, the use of some cheese is allowed, however, it is not allowed to add holes.[2]


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