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Defilante maps are categorized as P18, run in defilante rooms and have a standard duration of 2 minutes.


  • Each map needs at least two paths of varying difficulty.
  • Taking the harder path should be more rewarding.
  • Keep walljumping to a minimum.
  • Maps need to move, they cannot be static.
  • Maps shouldn't move too slow or too fast.
  • Maps need to have freescroll as to not punish people who go too fast.
  • No soulmate, collision, or nightmode.[1]


  • Alternative paths: A defilante map should have multiple paths, the more ways to run around the map, the better it will be.
  • Speed: Do not make your map too fast or too slow, find a middle ground for the map to become pleasant.
  • Tokens: Know how to make a good use of tokens (boosters, skulls and +1 points), do not overdo them but also do not leave the map empty.
  • Design: Last but not least, know how to make a well-aligned and well-decorated map.[2]


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