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Bootcamp maps, also known as low bootcamp maps, are categorized as P13. P3 and P13 maps, which make up the bootcamp map rotation, only run in bootcamp rooms and last for 6 minutes. The difference between P3 and P13 is P3 maps have innovation and originality.


  • Map should not be a copy.
  • Map should be completable within 2 minutes.
  • Map should not use anchors.
  • Map and playing area should be completely onscreen.
  • Map should not be easily breakable if it uses dynamic grounds.
  • Excessive spamming of the same obstacle should be avoided.
  • Map should not be based on luck.
  • Map should be aligned.
  • Major shortcuts should not exist.
  • Above rules do not apply to maps that are already P3/P13.
  • Map should be fairly straightforward. Out of 6 minutes of playtime, it shouldn't take 3-4 just to figure it out.
  • Word bootcamp maps are generally not preferred, however, an exception could be made if the term is known globally, such as "TFM", "PRO" and so on.
  • Word maps that contain a player's name will not be accepted.[1]


  • Originality: The players in these rooms are looking for a challenge, so try to innovate and use new concepts, or even use old concepts in new ways.
  • Shortcuts: Even if your map is fascinating, if players discover a way where the map can be done quickly, it will lose its purpose, so make sure there are no unfair shortcuts.
  • Design: A map designed for bootcamp should be as clean as possible. All grounds should be functional, therefore, avoid placing grounds that do not have any impact on the gameplay.
  • Fake grounds: Of course, there are some exceptions, such as trampolines with friction or changes in other properties to create sticky grounds, but it is recommended to leave the grounds with their default properties.[2]


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