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Vampire Survivor maps are categorized as P11, run in survivor rooms and have a standard duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds. In this category, a random mouse is transformed into a vampire and must transform the other mice into vampires by following them and staying close to their positions. The objective is to avoid being infected. Surviving mice are rewarded with one cheese.


  • You must not add any cages.
  • You must not add deep water or trampolines.
  • You must not spam the map with cheese.
  • The map must have enough space for mice to run from the vampires.[1]


  • Gameplay: Make sure there is enough space for the mice to escape. Most of the time the focus of this category is on the map design which is not interesting if the gameplay only focuses on walljumping.
  • Hole and cheese: Just like in standard survivor maps (P10), some cheese around the map is allowed, however, you cannot add holes to your map.
  • Prohibitions: Cages of any kind are forbidden, and the use of trampoline grounds should be moderated, i.e. they should not contribute to unbalanced gameplay for both vampires or mice.[2]


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