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Protection maps, also known as protected or permanent maps, are categorized as P1, run in normal rooms and have a standard duration of 2 minutes. This category is used to protect maps from being voted out of the P0 rotation.


When the map editor was first introduced (V0.63), normal rooms only played two map categories: the original maps made by Tigrounette and user-made maps (P0). As people started to make maps, the category of user-made maps became massive. And of course, some maps were better than the others. At this point P1 was introduced, to keep the better maps in the rotation for a longer period and also to give them more playtime.

P0 shares its place in the normal map rotation with P1, which means these maps are pooled together and the game randomly selects one of these maps from this pool to be played. To make sure P1 gets a decent chance of being played in a room (and to reduce server load), this pool doesn't contain every single P0 map available. According to Sydoline, only the oldest 40,000 P0s are included. Which means that at any given time, the pool of P0s the game gets to pick from is the oldest 40,000 P0s at the last restart and the new P0s exported since the restart. At the next restart, the oldest 40,000 are chosen again and the newly exported maps are no longer included in the pool.[1]


  • If the map is playable and enjoyable it should be P1.
  • It should not be a blatant copy of another map.
  • Does not crash/have the potential to crash a room.
  • Is well-aligned.
  • No hidden/offscreen hole/cheese.
  • No hidden floors.
  • No gameplay should be significantly offscreen.
  • Should not have an quick AFK death for anyone.
  • Shaman should not be trapped offscreen for the sole reason of not interfering unless necessary.
  • Decorations/backgrounds should not be abused.
  • Challenging maps are fine, but must not be insanely difficult.
  • Tigrounette defined the criteria for P1 simply as "enjoyable". Remember it is a very light perm and is subjective to the person reviewing it.[2]


  • Originality: There is no problem with taking some inspiration from other maps to create your own. However, trying to create something new is essential for a map to succeed. If you don't have any ideas for your map, take your time and you'll eventually find an interesting concept. Remember: never copy an existing map and avoid recreating concepts that already exist in other maps in rotation. Create your map based on your personal or even life experiences, something that inspires you. Be innovative!
  • Gameplay: If your map does not offer a challenge, it is not interesting. If you think running and climbing or just running is something innovative for a map, think outside the box because this isn't fun in any way. An example is setting alternative paths to get to the cheese and return to the hole in a racing map (P17).
  • Unused space: Remember that the standard size of a map is 800x400 and this space must be well used, even if it has a new concept. If it does not use the space wisely, it won't be something remarkable in most cases, and therefore won't deserve any highlight.
  • Replay value: Even if your map is considered great, you have to remember that if it is something common, it will become dull. Mechanism maps (P6) usually suffer from this, mostly those that contain traps and cages. After a while, playing on a map we know will suffer from loss of replay value.
  • Mass death: Avoid maps where the shaman can not do anything to prevent players from dying, whether it is for lack of experience or for not having seen the map previously. Poorly-designed collision maps are a good example of this.
  • Design: The design of a map, i.e, its look, is preferred to be pleasant to everyone's eyes when it comes to colors, grounds, backgrounds and decorations to create an appealing atmosphere. It is always good to remember that the alignment of a map is something to give some attention to.[3]


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