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The game has many small graphical / audio options a user may tweak to their preference, either making the game potentially run faster or have less "distractions".


  • Music button.png Enable/disable music and adjust the volume.
  • Sound button.png Enable/disable sound effects (e.g. death, get cheese) and adjust the volume.
  • Bell button.png Enable the bell at the beginning of each round.
  • Zoom in fullscreen – if in fullscreen, the game will scale to fit the max width/height available.
  • Enable language filter – hide swear words in chat.
  • Display other mice's outfits – show clothing on mice (your own mouse's clothes will still be shown).
  • Display particles effects – show hearts, dust, crystals, animation effects, etc. Disabling this can noticeably decrease lag.
  • Display titles – show titles above other mice (your own title and the shaman's title is always visible, despite what this setting is set to).
  • Display guest's nicknames – show guests' usernames above their player mice.
  • Display your nickname – show your username above your player mouse.
  • Add timestamps to messages – show the time messages in the chat were sent before the player's name. E.g.: [12:34] [username] message.
  • Activate automatic optimizations – removes unnecessary backgrounds and textures if the game detected a certain amount of lag.[1] Enabling this is recommended.
  • Activate minimalist mode – remove textures and backgrounds in order to reduce lag.
  • Hide the evocation interface – hides the shaman buttons added in V1.297.
  • Always include the hashtags in the nicknames – added for the # nickname system.
  • Display my username on Discord - only appears on Electron standalone
  • Display my current room on Discord - only appears on Electron standalone

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