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Nuremberg's Streets is a Lua event that took place during Christmas 2014.


Santa Claus dropped his toy bag while distributing gifts and all the gifts fell out on the street. Collect them and load back to the sleigh.

In this mini-event, the mice take place in Nuremberg's Streets and they must collect all of Santa's gifts, which includes 5 carrots Nuremberg's Streets carrot.png and 7 presents Nuremberg's Streets presents.png, by standing on them and pressing Spacebar and giving them back to Santa. The mice will have to go above roofs and into the clouds to find the presents and to find Santa. Below the clouds, the mice will find a TNT box that will blow them into the clouds when pressing Spacebar.

As the mice reach the clouds, they will be able to fly by pressing to get the gifts, but watch out! There will be skull icons scattered that will cause instant death. When the mice collect all of Santa's gifts and arrive at Santa's sleigh, they will have to give the gifts to Santa by pressing Spacebar and they will receive the title « Christmas Savior »(354).

CONGRATULATIONS! You have saved Santa from this bad accident and his sleigh has been restored! Now that you have helped Santa Claus, you have earned a gift!


  • This was created by Hotspotower #0000 and Neonstrayzer #0000 and drawn by Keinja #0000.
  • The mice are given 2 minutes and 30 seconds to complete the map.
  • The mice can receive snowballs by ducking under the Christmas tree at the bottom of the map.
  • The map is a vertical-scrolling map with a height length of 2,500 pixels.