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A shaman using nails to build a bridge over a gap

A nail (sometimes called anchor or joint) is the item that can link other objects together. Nailed items may be spawned within the map at the start or can be spawned and attached to items by the shaman in order to build a structure to assist mice in getting the cheese and going back to the hole.

There are five different types of nails available for use. Newer shamans usually have a tough time with nails, due to their difference and lack of forced in-game instructions. The only way to create nails as a shaman is through the C, V, B, J or N keys. Pressing a key multiple times will move the nail from the center to either side of the object, except in the case of the red nail, which may only be attached by the middle. In the case of balloons, pressing any nail hotkeys will allow the shaman to connect the balloon to another object with a string.

List of nails[]

ID Image Name Hotkey Use
22 Yellow nail.png Yellow/solid nail C
  • Must be attached to another item.
  • Does not move.
  • Used for making bridges and ramps.
  • Can also be used for helping so make air ships, bomb shields, etc.
  • Cannot be used in divine mode.
14 Blue nail.png Blue/free nail V
  • Must be attached to another item.
  • A free nail that rotates along the hinge
  • Moves with the item it's attached to.
11 Red nail.png Red/world nail B
  • Can be attached directly to the stage or to another item.
  • Can only be used with planks.
  • Useful for providing a base for other attachments.
  • Can be attached to the air "through" another item, allowing it to turn in the air, or locking it there if it cannot turn (nailed, or touches the ground etc.)
  • Cannot be used in hard mode (unless in a totem) or divine mode.
16 Motorized counterclockwise blue nail.png Motorized counterclockwise blue/free nail J
  • Must be attached to another item.
  • Motorized hinge that rotates (counterclockwise—to the left; clockwise—to the right).
  • Can be used for creating elevators.
  • Also used for creating anvil gods
15 Motorized clockwise blue nail.png Motorized clockwise blue/free nail N
12 Motorized clockwise red nail.png Motorized clockwise red/world nail
  • Rotating red nails cannot be placed normally by shamans. These can only be used in the map editor and inside a totem
  • Rotating red nails were available to be placed by shamans in Poisson, an ancestor of Transformice
13 Motorized counterclockwise red nail.png Motorized counterclockwise red/world nail
66 Balloon nail.png Balloon nail C, V, B, J or N
  • Can only be used with balloons.
  • Must be attached to another item.
  • Automatically creates a string between a balloon making the balloon lift the item.
  • Used for making airships or stabilizing and elevating bridges.
  • The key used makes no difference.
  • To connect a balloon to a mouse, the circle that is the nail must be at the neck of the mouse for it to work.

Arrow nailing[]

Arrow nailing.gif

It is possible to nail an arrow (or spirit), and this can be used to add a nail to overlapping things (e.g. two anvil edges that overlap) or two objects that are within range of a nail (e.g. touching planks). This is very useful if used correctly.

However, shamans are limited to 10 green ("free") arrow nail in divine mode. This is because this "trick" makes divine mode much simpler than it is meant to be. If you connect two objects that are already connected with a green nail with another green nail in a slightly different spot where they both connect (via green arrow nail), the two items will behave like they are connected with a yellow ("solid") nail.

In the shaman mode without skills, nail arrows are disabled.


  • Despite the free nail's color being blue, the game refers to it as green in the Map Editor.
  • V1.296b - New buttons.png
    In the V1.296b update, new buttons (evocation interface) were added for shamans. This update was released on 22 March 2016. The new buttons can be found above the chatbox and can be disabled in the options.
  • For the Valentine's Day 2021 event, the nail shape was changed from a circle to a heart.
  • Skill icon - Recycling.png Shaman skill Recycling can remove nails.