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Mulodrome is a minor game mode.

Mulodrome consists of a team-based racing map (max 10 mice).

It is accessed with the "/mulodrome" chat command in a room with the word mulodrome.

  • 1 game = 10 rounds
  • 2 teams
  • Racing maps (P17) only
  • 5 mice max by team. You can do a 1v1 if you wish.
  • System points: 1st mouse to enter into the hole gives 5 points to their team. 2nd mouse gives 4 points, 3rd mouse gives 3 points, 4th mouse gives 2 points and 5th mouse gives 1 point.
  • The winning team is the one with the highest number of points by the end of the game.
  • You don't win cheese or stats in mulodrome.