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The mouse is a virtual representation of players and NPCs.
Your player mouse's primary goal is to get cheese, and bring it back to the hole. When you collect cheese, this can be used to obtain titles, create a tribe, create a map, reset your skill tree or buy items in the shop. You will also earn experience which earns you skill points once you level to help you when you are shaman. Skill points allow you to purchase skills.


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Players can move their mouse with the arrow keys or WASD keys, allowing them to move left or right, jump, or crouch. These controls can be combined used to achieve feats such as wall jumping or corner jumping. There are also many chat commands a player can use.


A high-quality image of a mouse in-game.

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The objective for most mice is to carry the cheese to the hole as fast as possible while avoiding hazards which would cause them to fall off the screen and die. Greedy mice tend to stand close to their goal to get a head start when the shaman places the next structure to help them forward. All these mice converging to one spot often lead to the collapse of platforms and the toppling of structures, boxes, and planks. In many cases this leads to the death or entrapment of the group. In other cases it is done purposefully to remove unwanted items.

Some players push other mice off the stage or purposefully cause the collapse of beneficial platforms so that other mice are unable to reach the cheese or the exit. This is generally referred to as trolling. Excessive trolling can lead to the irritation of other players, but is usually done in good humor. Shaman trolls are more common and effective, however. The direction of mice can often be changed with a suggestion in the chat box or an arrow placed by the shaman, and easily changed back by any new development on the stage. Not to be outdone by others, many mice exhibit lemming or sheep-like behavior. Trapped or shamanless mice often remain on stage and mess about, goofing about; dancing and moonwalking. Some mice choose to remain out of the mousehole and give the shaman extra time to build cars and anvil gods at the end of the round. You may hear mice say all sorts of crazy things, so if you don't know what something means, check Slang.

Point distribution[]

Every map you have the opportunity to accumulate "points"; these points are reset if you leave the game, leave the room, or become shaman. Points are shown for each player in the room next to the right of the in-game chat. Points are used to tell who will be shaman on the next map, with the mouse having the highest score being chosen. After the round, their score is reset to the number of mice they saved.

Point distribution
Rank Points
First 16
Second 14
Third 12
Fourth or below 10
Death[1] 1
Did not finish[2] 0
AFK death −1
  1. This also happens when you used /mort while AFK.
  2. This happens when you don't bring the cheese back to the hole and survive to the end of a round.

Movement statistics[]

Note that c is used here as the length of a Small box.png small box.
Action Max height Max range
Jump ~1.5c 4c
Air jump ~1.5c from height of jump About 4.5c (requires >1c of jumping space under you)

An Air Jump is when a mouse runs off a platform and jumps in mid-air. This allows to mouse to travel farther as the distance traveling when jumping is set at the moment the user jumps.


According to ancient folklore mentioned in the Valentine's Day 2016 event post, mice used to have four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, a Cruel God cut them in half, condemning mice to spend the rest of their lives looking for their lost half. The goddess Elisah has decided to repair the errors of "this cruel God" by helping all mice to find their soul mate. This seems to be a direct reference to a story from Plato's symposium, with a near-identical myth.


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