The moonslide/duckslide position.


Moonwalking by using ducking and animation

Moonwalking is a form of dancing in which a mouse is facing the opposite direction in which they are moving. The name moonwalk comes from the real-world Moonwalk dance.

Moonwalking Technique Edit

Moonwalking is done by tricking the game into thinking one is moving one way while already moving in the other. Mice are able to do this by sliding in one direction and showing the resting animation the other direction. They then jump to set the resting animation for that direction to the running animation.

Glitching into this state can be done one of two known ways. The first is the kiss emote method; the second is the ducking method.

Kiss Method Edit

When a mouse uses the kiss emote, they automatically revert back to the resting animation when the heart pops and the animation ends. This is how mice enter the backwards standing slide position.

  1. Backwards slide.
    • Face the opposite direction you want to slide in. If you wish to go to the right, face left; if going left, face right. You may also run to the left or right.
    • Jump.
    • In midair, tap down. Quickly go into the next step.
    • Immediately hold the direction you wish to slide in. You will now be doing the moonslide.
  2. Use the kiss emote. This is done by clicking the heart button, though can be done by putting in /kiss into the chat.
  3. When the heart pops, jump.

Using the kiss method, mice may backwards slide into a wall and moonwalk while in the wall. 

Ducking method Edit

Mice may enter the standing slide position by interrupting the ducking animation midway through by way of touching the ground. Then by jumping, be moonwalking. The ducking method of achieving a moonwalk is quicker than the kiss method and transitions more neatly; however, it requires very precise timing.

  1. Jump while facing in the opposite direction you would like to moonwalk.
  2. When about to touch the ground, tap duck. This is the most difficult part of the standing slide Moonwalk. Experiment until you found when exactly you should duck.
  3. Immediately move in the opposite direction you are facing. Done correctly, you should be moving but showing the resting animation of the opposite direction.
  4. Jump. Do not release the directional arrow key in the meantime. Upon landing, you will be moonwalking.

Alternatively, one can replace the first 2 steps by pressing UP and DOWN (Jump and Duck) at the same time. This eliminates having to time when to duck. Also, step 4 can be replaced by simply doing the Kiss emote (at least, that is the case in this alternative method). Still do not let go of that directional arrow though.

Variations Edit

Moonslide Edit

This is recently found by typing some complex commands. This also requires precise timing as the old ducking method, and is nearly as neat as the old one.

  1. Facing right as example. You need to moonwalk to the opposite direction (facing right while moving left) so this example moves to the left. Start with a normal jump.
  2. In the midair, rapidly press right down left. Hold the last left. If you are successful the mouse will not change direction but will start sliding to the left. Failure will cause the mouse to do forward sliding to the left (facing left)

It is not perfect and have some probability to miss, but is easy to perform generally

Alternate Moonwalk Method Edit

Having trouble doing the moonwalk the normal way? Here is an easier set of directions:

  1. Jump, then quickly tap down a few times before falling back down. At the start of the jump, begin holding the direction you wish to go.
  2. If you end up ducksliding after the jump, click the kiss emote. If you are not ducksliding, try step 1 again until you get it.
  3. Wait for the animation to finish, then jump once.

Note: Moonwalking most often requires a wide, open area, unless you feel like moonwalking into a wall.

History Edit

Previous to the introduction of emotes, there was no commonly known way of moonwalking. There is no record of the ducking method having been discovered yet either. What was considered the moonwalk then was what is now known as the backwards slide.

When emotes were implement into the game, mice were able to truly moonwalk by backwards sliding, hitting any emote, and jumping. On another patch, this was changed and found only possible by using the kiss emote.

As of recently, by typing a suitably complex command starting with ducking in mid-jump, then rapidly pressing the direction keys, it is possible to recreate the moonwalk using duck method.

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