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Module, also known as minigame[1], is a game mode that can be accessed by using #ModuleName, possibly followed by a number (e.g. #traitor or #traitor1; must be in lowercase). You can also find module rooms by opening the room list Room icon.png, and looking at the "Module" tab.

Just like normal rooms, you can also make international module rooms by placing "*" before the room name (e.g. "*#deathmatch").

"/module [modulename]" may be run in a tribe house to play it privately - e.g. "/module utility" or "/module #utility".

Titles can be earned in modules parkour, unotfm, deathmatch and mycity.

If you're curious about how to make modules, you should read this thread, as well as understand the basics of the Lua programming language.

Types of modules[]


  • Official modules are minigames that have been approved by an administrator.
  • They show up on the in-game module rooms list.
  • You can earn 1 shop cheese every 2 minutes when you enter the hole.
  • You can load these modules in the tribe house.
  • These modules must be hosted by someone of the Module Team.
  • You can find a list of official modules ingame by typing "/module".


  • Semi-official modules are minigames or utilities that have been approved by an administrator.
  • You can load these modules in the tribe house.
  • These modules must be hosted by someone of the Module Team.


  • Unofficial modules are usually just scripts ran in tribe houses (using chat command /lua) and other rooms without being previously approved by an administrator.

List of modules[]

These are the minigames Transformice has; make a room or find a room in the room list to play them.

Cheese given is only the shop cheese; "gathered cheese" stats on a player's profile will never increase from playing in module rooms. Sometimes shop cheese won't be awarded if the player gets the cheese too fast.

"Cheese gathered first" stats won't increase in module rooms either, even if the conditions to get firsts are met.


Name Can earn Cheese Description
#amongmice Tango Cross1.png Played like Among Us.
#anime Tango Cross1.png
#anvilwar Tango Cross1.png When it's your turn, press Space to throw an anvil and use the 1 to 9 keys to change the intensity of the anvil. The team that eliminates the enemy team wins. The turns are sorted randomly.
#aurora Tango Tick1.png
#bafflua Tango Cross1.png
#basketball Tango Tick1.png Played like basketball.
#batata Tango Tick1.png Played like hot potato.
#battleground Tango Cross1.png Kill other mice and be the last one standing. Weapons have tiers. Mice are vulnerable to hits and falls. Getting shot, falling off or crashing against a wall will all cause death.
#bingo Tango Tick1.png Played like bingo.
#block Tango Cross1.png Run as fast as you can and avoid the murderer ground. Collect powerups that help you survive. Take care with the traps inside the powerup block.
#bodykudo Tango Cross1.png
#bolodefchoco Tango Cross1.png
#bololua Tango Cross1.png
#bombs Tango Tick1.png Place bombs to trap and kill enemies. Players can see enemy bombs if they are close to them, and have a life and energy, which can be reloaded by running.
#breno Tango Cross1.png
#campal Tango Tick1.png Similar to Capture the Flag. Get the cheese from the other team and return to your own. If you try to take your own team's cheese, you'll be killed. In your own territory, you can duck to shoot a cannonball to try and stop the other team from getting any cheese. When you finally get the cheese from the other team, return to your own territory and press Space.
#cannonjump Tango Cross1.png Stay up as long as possible by cannon jumping. Modes: aeonian (default), aeonian+, zigzag, madness, training
#cannonup Tango Tick1.png Dodge cannonballs to survive. Hard mode: #cannonup0hard
#castle Tango Cross1.png
#cbase Tango Cross1.png
#cheesehunter Tango Cross1.png It is a reverse tag-styled game. The player who is the 'cheese' keep the other mice from catching it. The mice catch the cheese when they are close enough to it. Once they catch the cheese, they win. The cheese has meep and superjump abilities. The game ends once either half the room gets the cheese, when not enough mice are alive to win, or when the timer countdown is at 0:03 if the cheese is still alive.
#circuit Tango Tick1.png Similar to racing but players race around a track multiple times. Be the first to reach the finish line. Basic racing techniques like wall jumping and items obtained from surprise boxes can help finish the map.
#contest Tango Cross1.png
#crowdsurf Tango Cross1.png
#dancedance Tango Cross1.png
#dancefloor Tango Tick1.png
#deathmatch Tango Tick1.png
#deathrun Tango Cross1.png
#deploy Tango Cross1.png
#derby Tango Tick1.png
#discodance Tango Tick1.png Reach the specified color in a limited time.
#divinity Tango Tick1.png
#domination Tango Tick1.png
#drawbattle Tango Cross1.png
#drgenius Tango Cross1.png
#easypvp Tango Cross1.png 2 shamans are chosen to fight to death. Normal mice are automatically killed as they get in the way.
#elimination Tango Tick1.png Finish the maps as fast as possible. In order to win, you must be in the top half of the runners of the map until only 1 mouse left. If you are not in the top half, you will be eliminated from the game and won't spawn until a new game starts. Guests are not allowed to win or participate in the minigame.
#ffarace Tango Tick1.png
#fight Tango Tick1.png
#flood Tango Cross1.png Shaman must build a structure to protect everyone from an upcoming flood.
#football Tango Tick1.png Played like football.
#forcesham Tango Cross1.png A shaman-based minigame where random events make shamaning harder.
#fortmice Tango Tick1.png Build, knock down enemies and survive a storm to win.
#freezertag Tango Tick1.png Freezers freeze mice. Mice run to the cheese while avoiding the freezers. Mice lose 1 of their 3 lives if they get frozen. Lives can be restored by saving frozen players.
#funemployed Tango Cross1.png A slow-pace cardgame. The employer can decide the job position from predefined cards or come up with their own. After selecting a job, they'll interview applicants, who must then explain why they think they deserve the job by including words on 3 of their cards in their applications. The employer can then hire the best applicant.
#ghosts Tango Cross1.png Innocent mice run away from ghosts and find green objects, when they get 5 objects, a spellbook will be given. Ghosts will try to stop them from collecting.

For each 3 ghosts, an innocent is selected to have a spellbook and scare the ghosts by clicking on the player.

The ghost has a potion, it takes 1 second to use it (in that time the ghost is visible to everyone). Innocent mice can haunt the ghost by pressing Space next to it.

#gifthunt Tango Cross1.png
#gravity Tango Cross1.png Collect as many cheese per map to earn points to acquire special powers that will help you to get more and more cheese and obtain new achievements in the minigame.
#grounds Tango Cross1.png Collect the cheese as fast as possible using the effects each ground offers.
#hardcamp Tango Cross1.png It is an extension of the real bootcamp, in this room you can play on others bootcamp maps than the original one.

Unlike regular bootcamp, hardcamp accept harder maps or maps that need more thought to be completed. It's like a bit harder version of bootcamp for experienced players.

#hidenseek Tango Tick1.png It's like real life hide'n'seek. Mice hide behind decorations. Seekers look for mice.
#hungrymice Tango Cross1.png Get bigger by eating food on the ground. Different food give different effects. After 30 seconds, you can eat other mice smaller than you. Survive till the end to win, or if time's up the biggest one wins.
#infected Tango Tick1.png Based on Vampire Survivor. Similar to Vampire Survivor, the vampire need to infect all mice. Unlike Vampire Survivor, vampires can fly and mice can meep in case a vampire is near.
#keyhunt Tango Cross1.png Pick up a series of keys in order to get cheese.
#laagaadoo Tango Cross1.png
#labyrinth Tango Cross1.png Traverse a changing labyrinth to get the cheese and bring it back to the hole.
#lagball Tango Cross1.png Prevent the ball from reaching the ground with your head as a team.
#lavarun Tango Cross1.png Get the cheese and win as soon as possible without touching the rising lava.
#leafileaf Tango Cross1.png
#merchant Tango Cross1.png
#micemon Tango Cross1.png Based on Pokémon battles. Who lost all HP first loses. You have different types of attacks, heals and additionally a special healing. Can be played in solo or team duel mode.
#minigolf Tango Tick1.png Find yourself through maps. Shoot your mouse with your choosen direction and power. You have 1 shot per turn.
#mousetat Tango Cross1.png Played like real life truth or dare.
#mycity Tango Tick1.png
#myhero Tango Tick1.png
#ninguem Tango Cross1.png
#ninja Tango Tick1.png Compete to be the fastest ninja in the room! Every map was carefully planned so you can express your ninja skills to the fullest! Every ninja must know 3 abilities to get over obstacles: dash, airjump and rewind.
#paintball Tango Cross1.png Players are divided into 2 teams. Shoot your enemy with ink. Hide in map decorations or secret bases. Kill everyone in the enemy team to win.
#palette Tango Cross1.png
#parkour Tango Tick1.png Complete the parkour by following the checkpoints throughout the map. Players who arrive in the end after passing all checkpoints can unlock powers depending on how many maps they completed. With these powers, players can help others who have more difficulties to finish the map.
#perguntas Tango Cross1.png A Q&A module. The winner from the previous round will ask questions until a new player wins. Win by being the first to answer 5 questions correctly.
#pewpew Tango Tick1.png Kill all or survive until the round ends. Players get 3 lives each round and can throw items. When the timer drops to 0, players can no longer respawn if they die.
#pictionary Tango Cross1.png Played like real life pictionary. Draw out the given word as shaman. Guess the word as mice. Who guess the word correctly is the next shaman.
#pixdraw Tango Cross1.png Save and share pixel images. Based on #palette but with lots of differences.
#planks Tango Tick1.png Played like normal game modes, but all maps require shaman's help, and shaman can only summon solid grounds instead of normal objects. Multiple ground types are summonable, but only one is chosen randomly per map. Only 1 summoned solid ground can exist at a time, and a new solid ground will replace the old one. Rotated ground can be summoned. Shaman mode will affect summoned ground size. Normal mode shamans can also use spirit 3 times. Shaman doesn't need to move most of the time, since summon range is infinite, but certain maps are longer than a screen, so shaman will need to go with mice.
#playground Tango Tick1.png Played like racing rooms, but shaman objects keep spawning (usually with a momentum) from multiple spots. Some help players progress but others hinder or even kill them. Some maps respawn players instantly (like bootcamp, and play for 3 minutes), while others are one-try maps (play for 1 minute). Team games occur with 10% chance and divide players into 2 teams. The team with the most members who completed the map will win.
#pokelua Tango Cross1.png
#powers Tango Tick1.png
#powerup Tango Tick1.png
#prophunt Tango Tick1.png
#pursuit Tango Cross1.png
#ratapult Tango Tick1.png
#records Tango Cross1.png
#retro Tango Cross1.png
#rivals Tango Cross1.png
#sebaisseba Tango Cross1.png
#shamalo Tango Cross1.png
#shamousey Tango Cross1.png
#shamteam Tango Cross1.png
#signal Tango Tick1.png
#sizerace Tango Tick1.png
#sketch Tango Cross1.png
#sniper Tango Cross1.png
#snowfight Tango Cross1.png
#spiritual Tango Tick1.png
#survive Tango Cross1.png
#tagging Tango Cross1.png
#target Tango Tick1.png
#tfmbday Tango Cross1.png
#toculabs Tango Cross1.png
#tortuegreen Tango Cross1.png
#towerdefense Tango Cross1.png
#trade Tango Cross1.png
#traitor Tango Tick1.png
#transform Tango Tick1.png
#turkitutu Tango Cross1.png
#typer Tango Cross1.png Tests your typing abilities. Type words or sentences to stay alive.
#unlocker Tango Cross1.png
#unotfm Tango Tick1.png Played like UNO.
#utility Tango Cross1.png
#virus Tango Tick1.png Players are randomly given one of the 3 roles: viruses, mice or doctors. Viruses need to infect the mice, mice need to run around to avoid getting infected, and doctors have to cure infected mice.
#volcano Tango Cross1.png Escape the acid volcano by ascending upwards.
#walls Tango Cross1.png Be the last mouse alive to win! Be careful not to fall by your opponents' meep! Watch out for the walls! Explosions will appear over time!
#warzone Tango Cross1.png Work together with your guild members to defeat other guilds.
#werewolf Tango Cross1.png Villagers must lynch all werewolves. Werewolves must eat all villagers. Every night, werewolves choose a victim to eat. At sunrise, the villagers and the disguised werewolves discover the dead one and vote for a person to lynch, to see if this person is a werewolf. The werewolves win if they kill all the villagers and vice versa for the villagers.

Lua events[]

The following Lua events can be played in the tribe house.

Name Lua event
#evt_backintime (removed) Time Travel 2020
#evt_carnival_trio Carnival Trio 2021
#evt_chaostmas Chaostmas 2019
#evt_halloween_muertos Day of the Dead 2018
Day of the Dead 2021
#evt_lua_coder Lua Coder 2017
#evt_new_year_balloon Blooming B'loons 2022
#evt_noel_cadeaux XM4S 2016
#evt_pizzeria Le Pizzeria 2018
#evt_valentines_cupid To Cupid or Not to Cupid? 2022



  • Module names are required to have at least 5 characters.
  • Module Team members are allowed to have a semi-official module named after themselves for testing.



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