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For the skill, see Meep !.

Using meep.

The skill

Meep is an ability to push other mice away, similar to an invisible spirit which does not affect the user.

It is used by pressing Space. The closer the mice are to the user, the stronger the effect will be. It first appeared in Halloween 2011.

The shaman gains this ability in survivor, mice gain it in survivor vampire maps, infected, campal, cheesehunter if they are cheese and pursuit if they are chief robber. It can also be given to mice by the shaman with the Meep ! Skill icon - Meep !.png skill from the Wildling skilltree. Meep has also been used in multiple events.

Meep has a cooldown time of approximately 8 seconds, the cooldown bar is only visible to the one with the ability, located on top of the mouse.


Meep was originally designed for dealing with huggers (people who stick too closely to the shaman), but the shaman can also use it as an easy offensive attack to push mice from the map.

Meep is often frowned upon by the player-base, since it can be considered overpowered. Though, many people do indeed use it and in turn get some hateful comments.