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Maps are the main levels of Transformice and are played across rounds. Maps can be created by players and submitted to the Atelier 801 forum using the code given when submitting. Maps are reviewed by the Map Crew. Vanilla rooms consist of only maps created or approved by the administrators.

Map categories[]

For information on the criteria for making a permanent map, refer to the Atelier 801 forum post.

ID Name Description
-1 Logo map vanilla.png Vanilla Maps created or approved by the administrators. These are the only maps that appear in the vanilla game mode and are generally easier.
0 P0.png Standard Maps that are unassessed.
1 P1.png Protection Maps that meet certain minimum standards.
2 P2.png Prime Perm This map category is unused.
3 P3.png Prime Bootcamp Bootcamp-exclusive maps that have original gameplay.
4 P4.png Shaman Maps that require the shaman's help.
5 P5.png Art Maps that have artwork.
6 P6.png Mechanism Maps that have a mechanism or trap.
7 P7.png No Shaman Maps that can be completed without a shaman.
8 P8.png Dual Shaman Maps that have two shamans and allows them to cooperate.
9 P9.png Miscellaneous Maps that do not fit under any other category.
10 P10.png Survivor Survivor-exclusive maps that have one shaman.
11 P11.png Vampire Survivor Survivor-exclusive maps where a vampire chases mice.
13 P13.png Bootcamp Bootcamp-exclusive maps that have generic gameplay.
17 P17.png Racing Racing-exclusive maps.
18 P18.png Defilante Defilante-exclusive maps that scroll and contain tokens such as spring, speed boost, death and +1. The maps offer at least two paths of different difficulties and reward people for taking the harder path.
19 P19.png Music Maps that used to play in music and have a video screen that plays YouTube videos suggested by players in the room.
20 P20.png Survivor test Survivor test for the Map Crew.
21 P21.png Vampire Survivor test Vampire Survivor test for the Map Crew.
22 P22.png Tribe House Tribe house-exclusive maps. They cost 5 cheese to create.
23 P23.png Bootcamp test Bootcamp test for the Map Crew.
24 P24.png Dual Shaman Survivor Survivor-exclusive maps that have two shamans.
32 P32.png Dual Shaman test Dual Shaman test for the Map Crew.
34 P34.png Dual Shaman Survivor test Dual Shaman Survivor test for the Map Crew.
38 P38.png Racing test Racing test for the Map Crew.
41 P41.png Module Maps used by a module.
42 P42.png No Shaman test No Shaman test for the Map Crew.
43 P43.png Deleted (Inappropriate) Deleted maps that are inappropriate (e.g. maps with porn or Nazi content).
44 P44.png Deleted Maps removed from the P0 rotation due to unsuitability or lack of popularity.
60 Future P66 event-themed maps
66 P66.png Thematic Event-themed maps (e.g. Easter-themed maps will play around Easter).
87 Vanilla maps with XML (e.g. user-made vanilla maps).

Map lists[]

Map settings[]

These are map settings that can be altered to add extra challenge or help to maps:

  • Collision: Mice have a physical presence.
  • Dodue: Mice can collect up to 3 cheese. For every cheese picked up, the mouse becomes heavier.
  • Fall damage: Makes mice shock sensitive. Falling from heights, high restitution and enclosed spaces will kill the mice.
  • Gravity: Mice can jump higher or lower, depending on the gravity of the map.
  • Inverted: The map is upside down and the controls are inverted.
  • Night mode: Mice can only see a small area around them.
  • Portal: The shaman can use portals to teleport mice from one place to another.
  • Soulmate: You and another mouse are bound together with a string.
  • Wind: Mice and shaman objects are pushed left or right.

Map mechanics[]

These are mechanics possibly contained in maps that can help or hinder a map:

  • Bombs: Explosive bombs appear in the map.
  • Shaman cooperation: Two shamans cooperate to get mice to the hole.
  • Shaman fight: Two shamans compete to get the mice into the hole of their color.
  • Exploding balls: Balls will explode after a few seconds.

Types of grounds[]

Megaphone.png Main article: Ground

These are types of ground which can be used to build maps in Transformice:

  • Wood ground: Default friction and restitution.
  • Ice ground: Has no friction, is slippery, and cannot be wall jumped off.
  • Lava ground: Very strong restitution, which sends you flying in the opposite direction in which you landed.
  • Chocolate ground: Strong friction, therefore is sticky, easy to wall - jump, can’t walk with cheese.
  • Trampoline ground: Moderately strong restitution which makes it bouncy.
  • Earth ground: Same friction and restitution as normal ground, but looks like soil.
  • Grass ground: Similar to earth ground but has grass on top of it.
  • Sand ground: Similar restitution as normal ground, but its friction is slightly lower.
  • Cloud ground: Transparent ground, has no collision with mice.
  • Water ground: Mice without cheese are able to "dive" into the ground and surf on top of it, mice with cheese will sink to its bottom.
  • Stone ground: No restitution, friction is the same as normal ground.
  • Snow ground: It looks are similar to earth ground, but has snow on top of it. Its friction and restitution are slightly lesser than earth ground.
  • Rectangle ground: Similar to normal ground, but its color can be changed.
  • Circle ground: Similar to rectangle, but round.
  • Acid ground: Kills mice on collision.

Keep in mind that the properties can be changed in the Map Editor.