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This is a list of all the music and sounds in Transformice.

The music Music button.png, sound effects Sound button.png and bell Bell button.png at the beginning of each round can be turned on or off on the login screen or options.


Name Description Soundtrack MP3
Intro Carnival 2013 event map
Login screen
Officially called "Transformice !"
Old link
M1 Link
M2 Link
M3 Link
M4 Link
Magasin Shop Link
TFM1 Officially called "Un nouveau monde" (A new world) Link
Old link
TFM2 Officially called "En route pour l'aventure !" (Along for the adventure!) Link
Old link
TFM3 Officially called "Le bal des souris" (The ball of the mice) and "Les souris valsent" (The mice waltz) Link
Old link


Name Description Soundtrack MP3
Ballon Balloon or bubble pop Link
Boucle invoc Shaman summoning item Link
Bouton1 Button click Link
Bouton2 Button click (no longer used) Link
Bulle0 Death Link
Bulle1 Death Link
Bulle2 Death Link
Bulle3 Death Link
Chamane Become shaman Link
Chamane2 Become shaman Link
Clou Spawn item with nail Link
Dash Link
Depart End of countdown Link
Ecriture Indicator Link
Emote Link
Fleche Link
Fromage Get cheese Link
Gel Ice cube Link
Grosse (no longer used) Link
Invoc Shaman item spawned Link
Invoc2 Shaman item spawned (no longer used) Link
Message Link
Mort Death (no longer used) Link
Np Join a room
Bell at the beginning of each round
Old link
Patte Footsteps (no longer used) Link
Petard Confetti Confetti-icon.png Link
Rebours Countdown Link
Resu Revive Link
Saut Jump Link
Smiley Emoticon Link
Tp Teleport Link
Victoire Enter hole (no longer used) Link
Victoire Enter hole (no longer used) Link
Victoire2 Enter hole Link
Victoire first Enter hole first Link


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