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Le Pizzeria is a Lua event created by Bolodefchoco #0095 and Liiliiith #0000. The event requires players to harvest different materials and complete different tasks to make various kinds of pizza for the customers in the Pizza Store.


The Lua map is short, so make the best of the time you have and waste not! The best way to start is to keep harvesting wheat; it will pay a lot in the future. Harvest about 10 wheat first then climb up the ramp to collect all 10 wheat (by clicking the wheat bag). Then go to the very right house where the animals are. Feeding animals consumes a lot of wheat, so make the most of it by doing it at the start of the map.

By feeding the cow 4 wheat, you receive cheese. By feeding the pig 5 wheat, you get bacon (along with pepperoni if you duck enough times). Be mindful of your storage, and trash things you seem not to need.

There's a process in how to make a pizza. You need to know what the customer (a random NPC) wants before doing anything. Remember the customer's order, and don't add anything other than what they want! (i.e. - If they request for pepperoni pizza, put pepperoni onto the pizza instead of adding olives, mushrooms, etc.). The best way to go about getting the customer their pizza is collecting the necessary ingredients in a previous pizza map, since getting them will be a hassle if you also try to make and bake the pizza in the same map.

The recipe for the pizza dough is olive oil, water, 4 wheat, and sugar. To get the olive oil, you must plant at least 6 olives since 6 makes olive oil. When you have the olives, go to the smasher machine (next to the rolling pin, on the second level) and select the option to smash the olives to make olive oil. The olive oil will end up in the cabinet upstairs, on level three. Click the cabinet above the sink and then select the olive oil to have it on hand. Click the bucket of water next to the sink to have the water. For the wheat, you must plant at least 4 wheat, which transfers to the wheat bag near the salt and sugar bags. Click four times on the wheat bag to get 4 wheat (you can view how much wheat you have by looking at the top left corner). The sugar and salt is infinite, so all you have to do to get the sugar is to click the sugar bag. With all of these ingredients at hand, click the rolling pin to create the base of the pizza - the dough.

From there, add all the necessary ingredients that satisfies the customer's request. Make sure you put the exact amount of what they want, and don't add anything extra.

After putting in the ingredients, head to the oven on the third level and bake the pizza. A circle will appear over the oven which will tell you how long it will take for the pizza to be done. When the circle fills up, take the pizza out of the oven by clicking and serve it to the customer by clicking them.

How much money you receive is decided by how you made the pizza (usually dependent on the ingredients).

Event map with instructions. (Click on the image to maximize it):

Pizza Guide.png

If you're having trouble with money, you can kiss or clap Chef Remy and he will give you $15. This only works once every event map.




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