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The inventory contains items your mouse have earned (usually through events) and can be accessed by pressing I on your keyboard. However, unlike badges, titles, and cartouches, these inventory items are not permanent.


Inventory items come in three types:

  • Consumables: When used, these will disappear while performing some action in return.
  • Event items: These show your progress in an event / adventure, and disappear after the event is over. Some of them are earned by touching a collectible.
  • Relics: Very similar to event items in that they earn you rewards and disappear after events, these must first be "assembled" by collecting fragments to earn rewards.

Inventory items first appeared during the 2014 fishing event.

The inventory is listed first by type:

Image Corners'
Yellow Consumables Border.png Relics or currencies
Rainbow Consumables Border.png Event
Gray Consumables Border.png Consumables
Pink-Blue Consumables Border.png Event currency
Yellow-Green Consumables Border.png Event currency

List of inventory items[]


Megaphone.png Main article: Consumables

Consumables are the most common type of inventory item, as they persist event after events, and are tradable (assuming the other player doesn't have the max amount). See Consumables for more detail. Consumables have a silver or gold border.

Event items[]

These consumables are specifically linked to an event, and will disappear after the event is over (even if they had a "use" option). Event items typically have a rainbow border. Note that event-related consumables are different than these, as they persist after events.


ID Image Name Events
2000 Inventory 2000.jpg Candy Halloween 2014
2100 Inventory 2100.jpg Red present Christmas 2014
2101 Inventory 2101.jpg Blue present Christmas 2014
2102 Inventory 2102.jpg Green present Christmas 2014
2103 Inventory 2103.jpg Yellow present Christmas 2014
2104 Inventory 2104.jpg Pink present Christmas 2014


ID Image Name Collectible Events
2200 Inventory 2200.jpg A+ Back to School 2015
2201 Inventory 2201.jpg F Back to School 2015
2202 Inventory 2202.jpg Candy Halloween 2015
2203 Inventory 2203.jpg Rose Halloween 2015
2204 Inventory 2204.jpg Blood bottle Halloween 2015
2210 Inventory 2210.jpg Red present Collectible #1 Christmas 201520162017201820192020
2211 Inventory 2211.jpg Green present Christmas 201520162017201820192020


ID Image Name Collectible Events
2212 Inventory 2212.jpg Astrological cheese New Year's 201620172019
2213 Inventory 2213.jpg Astrological cheese New Year's 201620172019
2214 Inventory 2214.jpg Astrological cheese New Year's 201620172019
2215 Inventory 2215.jpg Astrological cheese New Year's 201620172019
2216 Inventory 2216.jpg Astrological cheese New Year's 201620172019
2217 Inventory 2217.jpg Astrological cheese New Year's 201620172019
2218 Inventory 2218.jpg Astrological cheese New Year's 201620172019
2219 Inventory 2219.jpg Astrological cheese New Year's 201620172019
2220 Inventory 2220.jpg Astrological cheese New Year's 201620172019
2221 Inventory 2221.jpg Astrological cheese New Year's 201620172019
2222 Inventory 2222.jpg Astrological cheese New Year's 201620172019
2223 Inventory 2223.jpg Astrological cheese New Year's 201620172019
2224 Inventory 2224.jpg Cheesecake slice Collectible #4 Epiphany 201620172019
2225 Inventory 2225.jpg Charm Epiphany 201620172019
2226 Inventory 2226.jpg Ribbon Collectible #5 Piloting 2016
2227 Inventory 2227.jpg Rainbow Hugging 201620172020
2233 Inventory 2233.jpg Teapot Groundhog 20162018
2235 Inventory 2235.jpg Dragon Collectible #6 Dragon 20162017
2236 Inventory 2236.jpg Heart Valentine's Day 201620172018201920202021
2237 Inventory 2237.jpg Checkered flag Carnaval de Rio 20162017
2238 Inventory 2238.jpg Purple/black raspberry Collectible #7 Rain 201620172021
2245 Inventory 2245.jpg Yellow/golden raspberry Collectible #8 Rain 201620172021
2249 Inventory 2249.jpg Shaman tail ornament Armageddon 20162018
2242 Inventory 2242.jpg Four-leaf clover Collectible #10 Saint Patrick's Day 20162017201820192020
2243 Inventory 2243.jpg Lucky horseshoe Collectible #11 Saint Patrick's Day 20162017201820192020
2244 Inventory 2244.jpg Pot o' gold Collectible #12 Saint Patrick's Day 20162017201820192020
2248 Inventory 2248.jpg Chef's hat Kitchen Party 20162018
2310 Inventory 2310.jpg Mystery seed Collectible #30 Vegetable Garden 20162019
2311 Inventory 2311.jpg Seeds Vegetable Garden 20162019
2312 Inventory 2312.jpg Seeds Vegetable Garden 20162019
2313 Inventory 2313.jpg Seeds Vegetable Garden 20162019
2314 Inventory 2314.jpg Seeds Vegetable Garden 20162019
2315 Inventory 2315.jpg Seeds Vegetable Garden 20162019
2316 Inventory 2316.jpg Seeds Vegetable Garden 20162019
2317 Inventory 2317.jpg Rainbow onion Vegetable Garden 20162019
2318 Inventory 2318.jpg Watering can Collectible #27 Vegetable Garden 20162019
2319 Inventory 2319.jpg Ladybug Collectible #28 Vegetable Garden 20162019
2320 Inventory 2320.jpg Gardening hoe Collectible #31 Vegetable Garden 20162019
2321 Inventory 2321.jpg Fertilizer Collectible #29 Vegetable Garden 20162019
2323 Inventory 2323.jpg Daisy Vegetable Garden 20162019
2324 Inventory 2324.jpg Tomatoes Vegetable Garden 20162019
2325 Inventory 2325.jpg Blueberries Vegetable Garden 20162019
2326 Inventory 2326.jpg Grapes Vegetable Garden 20162019
2327 Inventory 2327.jpg Lemon Vegetable Garden 20162019
2328 Inventory 2328.jpg Chilli Vegetable Garden 20162019
2334 Inventory 2334.jpg A+ Back to School 20162020
2335 Inventory 2335.jpg F Back to School 20162020
2336 Inventory 2336.jpg Cat skull Halloween 20162017201820192020
2337 Inventory 2337.jpg Door handle Halloween 20162017201820192020
2338 Inventory 2338.jpg Broomstick Collectible #32 Halloween 20162017201820192020
2339 Inventory 2339.jpg Candy Collectible #33
Collectible #34
Collectible #35
Collectible #36
Collectible #37
Halloween 20162017201820192020


ID Image Name Collectible Events
2381 Inventory 2381.jpg Snowboard Collectible #56 Christmas 2017201820192020
2382 Inventory 2382.jpg Soulmate coin[1] Christmas 20172018


ID Image Name Collectible Events
2387 Inventory 2387.jpg Easter egg Collectible #58 Saint Patrick's Day 20182019


ID Image Name Collectible Events
2467 Inventory 2467.jpg Garlic Vegetable Garden 2019
2469 Inventory 2469.jpg Candy bag Collectible #60
Collectible #61
Collectible #63
Collectible #64
Halloween 20192020
2471 Inventory 2471.jpg Candle Collectible #65
Collectible #66
Christmas 20192020


ID Image Name Collectible Events
2521 Inventory 2521.jpg Rainbow seed Greenhouse 2021
2526 Inventory 2526.png Tadpole Fishing 2021
2527 Inventory 2527.png Sardine Fishing 2021
2528 Inventory 2528.png Koi Fishing 2021
2529 Inventory 2529.png Lobster Fishing 2021
2530 Inventory 2530.png Shark Fishing 2021


Relics are a special type of inventory item that are obtained by collecting many fragments, and are exclusive to events. These disappear after an event. The fragments were tradeable.

Events that used relics are:

Fishing 2014[]

This relic set consisted of 110 unique inventory items, with 100 fragments, and 10 completed relics.

Halloween 2014[]


The Halloween 2014 enigma also had various special things as well.

Christmas 2014[]

This relic set consisted of 70 unique inventory items, with 60 fragments, and 10 completed relics. This event consists of the IDs 2111–2199, with the following IDs skipped: 2117, 2124, 2131, 2138, 2145, 2152, 2159, 2166, 2173, 2180, 2181–2189. The relics consist of the IDs 2190–2199; but based on the skipped numbers appearing right after a set of fragments, they were most likely initially planned to fill those spots, but were also most likely moved to number after all the fragments so that they would appear at the bottom of the Inventory.

Fishing 2016[]

Reuses relics and maps from Fishing 2014, but instead only uses 4 of the 10 sets.

Christmas 2016[]

Relics from Christmas 2014 re-used.

Unused items[]

ID Image Name Release See
3466 Inventory 3466.jpg Chilli Vegetable Garden 2016 Inventory item #2328
2470 Inventory 2470.jpg Candle Halloween 2019 Inventory item #2471


  • Previous to V1.284, inventory items were listed in the inventory based on their ID #, with lower numbers at the top, and higher ones at the bottom; this caused event items to appear at the bottom due to their ID being in the thousands.