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For a list of event inventory items, see Adventure inventory.

The inventory contains items you have earned and can be accessed by pressing I on your keyboard or clicking Inventory bag.png on the interface. To use or equip items, click and choose an option. All items stay in your inventory forever except for adventure inventory items, which are specifically linked to an event/adventure and are removed once the event has ended.

Items that perform an action when clicked are called consumables.

Most items on this page are tradeable with other players (assuming the other player doesn't have the maximum amount). Coins (except cheese and seashell), chests and most event items are not tradeable.

The maximum number of items you can have in a single stack is usually 80. Coins, chests and event items have different maximums. If you have reached the maximum and you earn another one, it will not show up on the right-hand side unless it came from opening a letter or Christmas present.

Inventory items first appeared in Fishing 2014.

List of inventory items[]


Megaphone.png Main article: Coin

When a cheese or fraise coin is used, it will add one cheese or fraise to your shop respectively.

Cheese and seashell coins are tradeable like any other consumable, but other coins are not tradeable. Other than cheese and fraise coins, all coins are only usable in village rooms.

ID Image Name Result Max Tradeable Obtain Event (release)
800 Inventory 800.jpg Cheese Cheese-currency.png 250[note 1] Tango Tick1.png Daily quests
Epiphany 2016
801 Inventory 801.jpg Fraise Fraise-currency.png 80 Tango Cross1.png Events Hot Air Balloon 2016
2253 Inventory 2253.jpg Shaman Shaman coin.png 200 Tango Cross1.png Being shaman Shaman 2016
2254 Inventory 2254.jpg Racing Racing Coin.png 200 Tango Cross1.png Racing game mode Racing 2016
2257 Inventory 2257.jpg Gold/adventure ticket 250[note 2] Tango Cross1.png Daily quests
Easter 2016
2260 Inventory 2260.jpg Survivor Cannonball-currency.png 200 Tango Cross1.png Survivor game mode Ninja 2016
2261 Inventory 2261.jpg Bootcamp Military plaque-currency.png 200 Tango Cross1.png Bootcamp game mode Ninja 2016
2343 Inventory 2343.jpg Fraise fragment Fraise-currency.png Tango Cross1.png Watch advertisements via an opt-in service
100 fragments = 1 fraise
2472 Inventory 2472.jpg Red/global adventure ticket 200 Tango Cross1.png Events Christmas 2019
2497 Inventory 2497.jpg Seashell 250 Tango Tick1.png Daily quests
St. Patrick's Day 2020
2504 Inventory 2504.jpg Defilante 200 Tango Cross1.png Defilante game mode V1.600
2505 Inventory 2505.jpg Star shaman 200 Tango Cross1.png Oracle in village V1.600
2506 Inventory 2506.jpg Star racing 200 Tango Cross1.png Buffy in village V1.600
2507 Inventory 2507.jpg Star survivor 200 Tango Cross1.png Von Drekkemaus in village V1.600
2508 Inventory 2508.jpg Star bootcamp 200 Tango Cross1.png Cassidy in village V1.600
2509 Inventory 2509.jpg Star defilante 200 Tango Cross1.png Delphilante in village V1.600


Megaphone.png Main article: Adventure inventory


Megaphone.png Main article: Chest

Chests are consumables that reward the player with a random event reward (shop item, title, badge or cartouche) from previous events.

ID Image Name Rewards Event (release)
2473 Inventory 2473.jpg Global event chest See here Christmas 2019
2474 Inventory 2474.jpg Christmas chest See here Christmas 2019
2475 Inventory 2475.jpg Hugging chest See here 10th Anniversary
2476 Inventory 2476.jpg Dino chest See here 10th Anniversary
2477 Inventory 2477.jpg Dragon chest See here 10th Anniversary
2478 Inventory 2478.jpg Carnival chest See here 10th Anniversary
2479 Inventory 2479.jpg Rain chest See here 10th Anniversary
2480 Inventory 2480.jpg Armageddon chest See here 10th Anniversary
2481 Inventory 2481.jpg Cooking chest See here 10th Anniversary
2482 Inventory 2482.jpg Fishing chest See here 10th Anniversary
2483 Inventory 2483.jpg Back to School chest See here 10th Anniversary
2484 Inventory 2484.jpg Halloween chest See here 10th Anniversary
2485 Inventory 2485.jpg St. Patrick's Day chest See here St. Patrick's Day 2020
2486 Inventory 2486.jpg Wizard chest See here 10th Anniversary
2487 Inventory 2487.jpg Easter chest See here Easter 2020
2488 Inventory 2488.jpg Vegetable Garden chest See here 10th Anniversary
2489 Inventory 2489.jpg Epiphany chest See here 10th Anniversary
2490 Inventory 2490.jpg Astrological chest See here 10th Anniversary
2491 Inventory 2491.jpg Valentine's Day chest See here Valentine's Day 2020
2492 Inventory 2492.jpg Groundhog chest See here 10th Anniversary
2493 Inventory 2493.jpg Hot Air Balloon chest See here 10th Anniversary
2495 No event chest See here


These consumables spawn objects into the game which are thrown by the mouse using them in the direction they are facing. Knockback is how much mice move on initial contact with the consumable. All are collidable except fish. Throwables may only be used after the first 10 seconds of a round.

ID Image Name Result Knockback Effect Event (release)
1 Inventory 1.jpg Pufferfish Inventory 1 result.png High Throws a pufferfish. Fishing 2014
6 Inventory 6.jpg Snowball Inventory 6 result.png High Throws a snowball. Christmas 2014
11 Inventory 11.jpg Tombstone Inventory 11 result.png Medium Kills you and spawns a tombstone at the place you used the consumable. It doesn't kill you when /mort doesn't work or in Room 801. The gravestone disappears 10 seconds after it's been placed. You can't use a gravestone before the first mouse enters a hole. Halloween 2014
2250 Inventory 2250.jpg Energy orb Inventory 2250 result.png Low Throws an energy orb. Armageddon 2016
5 Inventory 5.jpg Ball Inventory 5 result.png Low Spawns 1 ball. Acts like a normal, shaman-spawned ball. Fishing 2014
8 Inventory 8.jpg Jack-o'-lantern/pumpkin Inventory 8 result.png Medium Throws a small, ball-like jack-o'-lantern. Halloween 2014
20 Inventory 20.jpg Chicken Inventory 20 result.png Medium Throws a small, scared flapping chicken. Easter 2015
25 Inventory 25.jpg Paper plane Inventory 25 result.png Tango Cross1.png Launches a paper plane. Flies in an arc, back to the thrower's approximate location unless otherwise impeded. Back to School 2015
26 Inventory 26.jpg Paper ball Inventory 26 result.png Medium Throws a paper ball. Back to School 2015
24 Inventory 24.jpg Fish Inventory 24 result.gif Tango Cross1.png Spawns a fish that jumps a few times then stops. Fishing 2015


ID Image Name Effect Event (release)
2 Inventory 2.jpg Blue fireworks Spawns a blue firework above your head forming a circle. Fishing 2014
3 Inventory 3.jpg Pink fireworks Spawns a pink firework above your head forming a heart. Fishing 2014
16 Inventory 16.jpg Snowflake fireworks Spawns a white snowflake-shaped firework above your head. Christmas 2014
23 Inventory 23.jpg Yellow fireworks Spawns a golden yellow firework above your head forming a large circle. While the fireworks new players get (below) look the same, they are 2 separate items, since one is tradable while the other is not. Fishing 2015
0 Inventory 0.jpg Yellow fireworks (untradable) Spawns a golden yellow firework above your head forming a large circle. New players get 10. Before Fishing 2015, only new players could get these fireworks. V1.229



Paintbrushes allow you to draw on the map in a specific color within a limited radius for a few seconds.

ID Image Name Color Event (release)
2252 Inventory 2252.jpg Green #56C93E St. Patrick's Day 2016
2256 Inventory 2256.jpg Red #C93E4A Easter 2016
2349 Inventory 2349.jpg Blue #52BBFB Carnival 2017
2379 Inventory 2379.jpg Orange #FF8400 Halloween 2017
2513 Inventory 2513.jpg Purple #AD42E3 Valentine's Day 2021
2514 Inventory 2514.jpg Yellow #F2C82E Valentine's Day 2021


Using a tag adds your username to the screen for the rest of the round, with a little icon next to it (icon depends on the tag in use). This item changes depending on the event. If you collected the egg spray and the event changed to the Fishing event, your tags would change to cheese tags. This is because all tags except one below are in fact the same item (ID 4) and only the image for the item changes.

ID Image Icon Name Event (release)
4 Inventory 4.jpg Cheese.png Cheese Fishing 2014
Inventory 4-halloween2014.jpg Citrouille (Consommable).png Jack-o'-lantern/pumpkin Halloween 2014
Inventory 4-christmas2014.jpg Cadeau.png Present Christmas 2014
Inventory 4-easter2015.jpg Oeuf.png Egg Easter 2015
Inventory 4-school2015.jpg Dessin en craie.png Mouse drawing Back to School 2015
Inventory 4-halloween2015.jpg Chauve-souris.png Bat Halloween 2015


ID Image Name Effect Event (release)
21 Inventory 21.jpg Selfie Holds the selfie stick in your mouse's hand and snaps a photo. It generates a picture of your mouse and mice next to you and gives you the option to save it to your computer. Fishing 2015


The letter interface of the sender, with the buttons at the right side

Stationery paper[1], postcards or letters allow you to send a message to another player. It records the process of drawing the message. On the right side (from top to bottom):

  • Close letter button.png The red button with a white X closes the message.
  • Erase letter button.png The paper with a blue circle button allows you to restart/erase your message.
  • Letter gift button.png The present box button allows you to gift the recipient something. You must have over 5 hours of playtime to see this (check with chat command "/time").
  • Send letter button.png The up arrow button allows you to send it to your recipient.

To send it, type in the recipient's username and number in the "recipient" box, then click "submit." The submit button does not work if "#" and the four-digit number are not included.

After submitting, a blue message, "Message sent", appears in the chat. If the typed username is the same as the sender's, then the letter animation plays and the letter closes but the letter is not received nor removed from the inventory and "Message sent" does not appear in the chat.

The recipient is notified of a received letter Letter.png in the bottom-right corner (the same place where notifications of obtained inventory items appear), above the bottom user interface. Two buttons are at the right side for the recipient: one that closes the letter Close letter button.png and one that saves the letter as a file to the computer Save letter button.png. Both the nickname (in yellow) and mouse (in a brown tint) of the sender appear in the bottom-left corner of the letter.

Click the "result" to enlarge.

ID Image Name Result Event (release)
29 Inventory 29.jpg Halloween Inventory 29 stationary.jpg Halloween 2015
30 Inventory 30.jpg Christmas Inventory 30 stationary.jpg Christmas 2015
2241 Inventory 2241.jpg Valentine's Day Inventory 2241 stationary.jpg Valentine's Day 2016
2330 Inventory 2330.jpg Garden Inventory 2330 stationary.jpg Vegetable Garden 2016
2351 Inventory 2351.jpg St. Patrick's Day Inventory 2351 stationary.jpg St. Patrick's Day 2017
2522 Inventory 2522.jpg Leaf Inventory 2522 stationary.png Greenhouse 2021

Costumes and pets[]


Megaphone.png Main article: Costume

Costumes or skins are temporary tradeable furs that last for 10 to 20 minutes. They will remain if you log out and back in. The only way to remove a costume before the time is up is to equip a fur over it (you can un-equip/re-equip your current fur).

ID Image Name Fur Event (release)
9 Inventory 9.jpg Skeleton Shop-fur10.png Halloween 2014
12 Inventory 12.jpg Vampire Shop-fur33.png Halloween 2014
13 Inventory 13.jpg Christmas tree Shop-fur35.png Christmas 2014
17 Inventory 17.jpg Penguin Shop-fur37.png Christmas 2014
18 Inventory 18.jpg Easter Bunny Shop-fur16.png Easter 2015
19 Inventory 19.jpg Milk carton Shop-fur42.png Easter 2015
22 Inventory 22.jpg Indiana Mouse Shop-fur45.png Fishing 2015
27 Inventory 27.jpg Pumpkin Shop-fur51.png Halloween 2015
407 Inventory 407.jpg Black-and-white cat Shop-fur7.png Hot Air Balloon 2016
2251 Inventory 2251.jpg Elisah Shop-fur61.png Armageddon 2016
2258 Inventory 2258.jpg Dinosaur Shop-fur66.png Dino 2016
2308 Inventory 2308.jpg Daisy Shop-fur75.png Vegetable Garden 2016
2439 Inventory 2439.jpg Reindeer Shop-fur118.png Christmas 2018
2502 Inventory 2502.jpg Puss in Boots Shop-fur168.png Halloween 2020
2503 Inventory 2503.jpg Picori/Minish Shop-fur169.png Halloween 2020
2512 Inventory 2512.jpg Elf Shop-fur174.png Christmas 2020
2515 Inventory 2515.jpg Bride Shop-fur181.png Valentine's Day 2021
2516 Inventory 2516.jpg Groom Shop-fur182.png Valentine's Day 2021
2523 Inventory 2523.jpg Male gardener Shop-fur194.png Greenhouse 2021
2524 Inventory 2524.jpg Female gardener Shop-fur195.png Greenhouse 2021
2531 Inventory 2531.jpg Mermaid Shop-fur202.png Fishing 2021
2533 Inventory 2533.jpg Ghost Shop-fur211.png Halloween 2021
2536 Inventory 2536.jpg Mrs Claus Shop-fur218.png Christmas 2021
2537 Inventory 2537.jpg Santa Claus Shop-fur219.png Christmas 2021
2538 Inventory 2538.jpg Snowman Shop-fur220.png Christmas 2021
2540 Inventory 2540.jpg Cupid Shop-fur224.png To Cupid or Not to Cupid? 2022
2542 Inventory 2542.jpg Leprechaun Shop-fur230.png St. Patrick's Day 2022
2543 Inventory 2543.jpg Blue bunny / Samson Shop-fur231.png Rabbit's Skull Archipelago 2022
2544 Inventory 2544.jpg White Rabbit Shop-fur232.png Rabbit's Skull Archipelago 2022
2550 Inventory 2550.jpg Knight Shop-fur242.png Nobles Quest 2022


Megaphone.png Main article: Pet

Pets will follow you around for 1 hour before disappearing.

ID Image Name Sprite Event (release)
31 Inventory 31.jpg Reindeer Familier 2.png Christmas 2015
34 Inventory 34.jpg Mouse angel Familier 3.png Epiphany 2016
2240 Inventory 2240.jpg Dragon Familier 4.png Dragon 2016
2247 Inventory 2247.jpg Frog Familier 5.png Rain 2016
2262 Inventory 2262.jpg Parrot Familier 6.png Pirate 2016
2332 Inventory 2332.jpg Blue-tongued lizard Familier 7.png Back to School 2016
2340 Inventory 2340.jpg Ghost Familier 8.png Halloween 2016
2437 Inventory 2437.jpg Bat Familier 9.png Halloween 2018
2444 Inventory 2444.jpg Cupid Familier 10.png Valentine's Day 2019
2520 Inventory 2520.jpg Ladybug Familier 12.png Greenhouse 2021
2532 Inventory 2532.jpg Donkey piñata Familier 13.png Day of the Dead 2021
2539 Inventory 2539.jpg Tiger Familier 14.png Blooming B'loons 2022
2545 Inventory 2545.jpg Derp pigeon Familier 15.png 12th Anniversary
2548 Inventory 2548.jpg Dinosaur Familier 16.png Dino 2022


ID Image Name Result Effect Event (release)
2498 Inventory 2498.jpg Present Awards 1-2 cheese coins, 1 gold ticket or 1-6 seashells. 10th Anniversary
2378 Inventory 2378.jpg Leaves Inventory 2378 animation.gif Autumn-colored leaves swirl around you and then drift down. Unlike snow or rose petals, the leaves stay around your mouse as you move. Halloween 2017
14 Inventory 14.jpg Snow Spawns snow above your head. Lasts 8–10 seconds. Christmas 2014
15 Inventory 15.jpg Snowmouse Inventory 15 result.png Spawns a snowmouse at the place you used the consumable. Christmas 2014
32 Inventory 32.jpg Zodiac sign Shows your astrological cheese.[2][3] It was left in the game as it was thought to be funny, as well as allowing new users to see their cheese type all year round.[4] Astrological 2016
35 Inventory 35.jpg Hot air balloon Inventory 35 result.png Launches a hot air balloon with a random badge from your profile. Hot Air Balloon 2016
2234 Inventory 2234.jpg Jigglypuff's microphone Inventory 2234 singing.gif Makes your mouse sing at a microphone, putting nearby mice to sleep. Sleeping is both in reference to Jigglypuff[5] and the event it was released for. Groundhog 2016
2246 Inventory 2246.jpg Carnival dance Carnival Dance.gif Makes you perform a Samba carnival dance. Carnival 2016
10 Inventory 10.jpg Mistletoe Inventory 10 result.png Spawns mistletoe above your head and makes you and those near you kiss. Christmas 2014
28 Inventory 28.jpg Campfire Inventory 28 result.png Spawns a campfire. Halloween 2015
33 Inventory 33.jpg Party horn Souffler dans un sans-gêne.png Makes you blow on a party horn. Astrological 2016
2232 Inventory 2232.jpg Rainbow trail A rainbow trails after you around for 10 seconds. Hugging 2016
2239 Inventory 2239.jpg Shop cheese counter Displays how much shop cheese you have above your head. Floats slowly upwards and disappears after 3 seconds. Cooking 2016
2255 Inventory 2255.jpg Die Shows a random side of a dice. Racing 2016
2259 Inventory 2259.jpg Playtime counter Displays how much time a player has spent in-game above their head. 6th Anniversary
2346 Inventory 2346.jpg Rose petals Rose petals trail after you around for 10 seconds. Valentine's Day 2017
7 Inventory 7.jpg Fortune cookie Currently, nothing. Historically, it earned you a heart for use in the Halloween 2014 event. Halloween 2014
2447 Inventory 2447.jpg Transformice Adventures tag Inventory 2447 result.png Adds your username to the screen for the rest of the round, with a mouse wearing a crown above it. Transformice Adventures Kickstarter (2019)

Unused items[]

ID Image Name Release See
2448 Inventory 2448.jpg Green ladybug Transformice Adventures Kickstarter (2019)
2499 Inventory 2499.jpg Puss in Boots Halloween 2020 Inventory item #2502
2500 Inventory 2500.jpg Picori/Minish Halloween 2020 Inventory item #2503
2501 Inventory 2501.jpg Defilante Halloween 2020 Inventory item #2504
2510 Inventory 2510.jpg Elf Christmas 2020 Inventory item #2512
2517 Inventory 2517.jpg Ladybug Greenhouse 2021 Inventory item #2520
2525 Inventory 2525.jpg Mermaid Fishing 2021 Inventory item #2531
2534 Inventory 2534.jpg Santa Claus Christmas 2021 Inventory item #2537
2535 Inventory 2535.jpg Mrs Claus Christmas 2021 Inventory item #2536


Different item types have different borders. All event items and relics have a rainbow border; relic fragments have a gold border. All coins have a gold border, except for seashell coins which are rainbow. Chests have a gold border and all non-event consumables have a silver border.

Image Corner
Yellow Consumables Border.png Relics or coins
Rainbow Consumables Border.png Event
Gray Consumables Border.png Consumable
Pink-Blue Consumables Border.png Event currency
Yellow-Green Consumables Border.png Event currency


  • Throwables can generally be used to troll other players, destroy the build of a shaman or just block the path.
  • Thrown balls can be used to trigger the explosions on map 69 without a shaman.
  • Using balls, it used to be possible for players to get to areas otherwise inaccessible without the use of a shaman, giving an unfair advantage to players with this item (known as "ball jumping"), but this was eventually removed for fairness.[6]
  • In Halloween 2014, mice used these items to troll some mice such as pushing the skeleton cat with the ball and blocking mice falling with the tombstone. Consumables were completely blocked in Halloween 2015 to prevent further incidents.
  • Before the Hot Air Balloon 2016 event, consumables were numbered up from 0. The last of these was #35, with ID following skipping around from 407, to 2200s (same ID range as event inventory items).
  • The paintbrushes are seen as controversial by many people because of the ability to draw inappropriate things and words without the ability to hide the drawings, like you can with whispers and letters.
  • The blue-tongued lizard was made in memory of Xanthefleur, a Transformice moderator that passed away prior to the event.[7]
  • The pet Inventory 2448.jpg Familier 11.png was intended to be released as a Kickstarter reward for backing Transformice Adventures in 2019; however, its social media achievement was not reached before the Kickstarter was cancelled.


  • If you use a consumable right before moving or while moving, it will not spawn, but you will still lose the consumable from your inventory.



  1. The inventory limit was 200 until 10 February 2022 (V1.686).
  2. The inventory limit was formerly 200.