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Indiana Mouse, sometimes shortened to Indy, is an explorer who featured being held by natives in the 2014 and 2015 Fishing events.

In 2014, mice, which came to the endangered Indiana Mouse's rescue, found his journal and helped him find the pieces of the lost relics.

Thus mice found fragments of the past in the depths of the ocean. In 2015, mice would have asked Indiana Mouse to recover them, but unfortunately he was still being held by the natives.[1]

Currently, Indiana Mouse is still being held captive in Amazonia, where he went to explore in 2014.

2014 journal[]

Amazonia, a thorny bush, July 8
I'm exhausted, I've no more cheese and my ears hurt. I should've known that this cheese fragrance was a trap. The natives have been chasing me for hours. I've managed to hide in this bush but I'm too tired to go on. I can hear the leaves crunching under their feet, they're coming closer and closer to me. My poor little hiding place won't protect me for long.

I know I'm about to find the relics. I can feel it. I'm sure they contain a hidden power. Legends speak of it. 10 relics were destroyed and their pieces were scattered underwater. Surely, collecting all pieces of the same relic should reveal its secret.

Through my investigation, I've marked off 5 search areas on this map. I'm convinced we have to fish in water points there.

You, explorer who reads these lines, if you find this journal it means I'm lost. Find the pieces of the relics and rebuild them.[2]


Indiana Mouse can be found in the Mice Village where he runs a store. As of October 2018, he offers:

Cost Reward
50Inventory item #2257 Badge #17
50Inventory item #2257 Badge #6
50Inventory item #2257 « Little Bell »(393)
50Inventory item #2257 « Chocobunny »(255)
50Inventory item #2257 « Cock-a-doodle-doo »(320)
50Inventory item #2257 « Oldie Mouse »(397)
50Inventory item #2257 « Souris-chan »(402)
50Inventory item #2257 « Captain Nemouse »(341)
50Inventory item #2257 « Buccaneer »(403)
50Inventory item #2257 « What the Fish »(335)
50Inventory item #2257 « Little Dragon »(417)
5Inventory item #2257 4Inventory item #2346
10Inventory item #2257 2Inventory item #2444
5Inventory item #2257 3Inventory item #2447


  • On his relic Fishing 2014 - C11.jpg, Indiana Mouse's name is spelled "Indiana Maus" rather than his actual name, possibly due to the limited amount of space for text.
  • Indiana Mouse is a Transformice parody of the fictional character Indiana Jones, whose appearance, nickname, and job is very similar to that of Indiana Mouse.
  • Indiana Mouse sent postcards during the Dragon 2017 enigma.
  • A character called "Indy", who looks like Indiana Mouse as well, appears in Mycity, a module.
  • Indiana Mouse in Transformice Adventures

    Indiana Mouse also appears in Transformice Adventures.
    • His dialogue:

      "It's been a while since my last journey. But... The smell of adventure is lurking! Don't you feel it?

      Soon it will be time for me to explore the unknown world."

  • Indiana Mouse was involved in the Dino 2022 enigma.