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For the Wind Master skill, see Stern Mouse.

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The ice cube is a shaman item used as an easy way to kill mice as a shaman.

A mouse who is turned into an ice cube will instantly die and turn into a default mouse trapped inside an ice cube. The cube of ice can interact with other mice and can be pushed around, with physics like a box with an ice surface.

To use the ice cube, click on the ice cube icon in the shaman inventory and then click on a mouse to freeze them.

Be aware that you can only use the ice cube once a mouse has already entered the hole, like with the Easy Victory and Chief's Food skills, and you can only use two ice cubes unless skill points are allocated in the Stern Mouse Skill icon - Stern Mouse.png skill.

You can normally only use two ice cubes, but with the Stern Mouse skill in the Wind Master skill tree, you can use up to seven ice cubes in total, since one more ice cube is available per skill point allocated to the skill.


Ice cubes were made to prevent troll mice from stalling and preventing the shaman from entering the hole. However, they are sometimes abused by troll shamans who use the ice cube on random mice.

Usually, shamans will kill the other mouse in Dual Shaman maps so the other mouse couldn't enter the other hole.


  • Even if the shaman is dead, they still can kill the mouse using the ice cube.
  • You cannot use the ice cube on a shaman in Dual Shaman maps, nor can you use it on yourself.
  • The Ice cube is not usable in Survivor, because there is not a hole or cheese.


Ice cube Easter 2013.png
  • During the Easter 2013 event, mice in ice cubes changed to mice wrapped in Easter eggs.