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Hungrymice is a module. It became semi-official on 18 April 2021.

Your goal is to get bigger by eating the food on the ground. After 30 seconds, mice can eat each other by pressing Space, but you can only eat mice which are smaller than you. The mouse who eats all the other mice wins, or if the timer has ended the biggest one wins.


Food Name Effect Description
Hungrymice 1.png Normal cheese 0.05 A normal piece of cheese, it's delicious, but not enough to satisfy you.
Hungrymice 6.png Shield cheese Special effect It gives you a shield for 20 seconds, which is one of the rarest cheeses.
Hungrymice 7.png Boost cheese Special effect It boosts your speed for 25 seconds!
Hungrymice 5.png Freezing cheese Special effect Your mouse cannot stand this cheese, so once you eat it it'll freeze your mouse for 5 seconds.
Hungrymice 4.png Poisoned cheese -0.5 Watch out! This cheese contains toxin that is able to lose extra weight. It may result in your death if your mouse is under-sized.
Hungrymice 2.png Strawberry 0.3 Mice's favorite food, equivalent to 6 times the normal cheese.
Hungrymice 3.png Golden strawberry 1 The rarest food ever! Makes your mouse grow faster!


  • !profile or !p playerName - shows playerName's profile
  • !lang [langID] - changes the module language
  • !help or !h - opens the help menu

Keyboard shortcuts[]

  • P - shows your profile
  • H - opens the help menu