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Hugging 2017, or the Hugging Week Adventure, is the ninth adventure of 2017.


This adventure is aimed towards passing obstacles and hugging mice at a rendezvous point. The main objective is to do so throughout multiple "land of dreams" maps to earn rewards. This event uses the hug emote. It can be performed by clicking "Emote plus-icon.png", and then clicking the Hug Emote.png hug icon.


The objective of the "land of dreams" event map is to pass through various obstacles and meet up with a member of the opposite team. There are two teams: the pink team and the blue team. Both teams have symmetrical obstacle courses following this order: vertical moving cloud, horizontal moving cloud, rotating rainbow bridge, and one-way driven cloud. Hugging any one of the opposing team members earns players Inventory 2227.jpg rainbows, which likewise earns prizes once accumulated to a certain quantity. Each player can only be hugged once per map in terms of event rewards. After hugging a player of the opposing team, both players' names turn white like normal to indicate that they have already been hugged and can not hug for prizes anymore.

This adventure requires caution and parkour skills as well as timing skills.

Current obstacles
Image Name Description
Nuage plateforme.png Moving Clouds One type of these bounces mice up and acts like springs, requiring players to time how they move from cloud to cloud and make sure they don't bounce too high. The other type moves horizontally, transporting mice. It sometimes moves quickly, however, so it is necessary to move quickly so as to not literally fall behind.
One-Way Driven Clouds This type of cloud is pushed by mice and can also moved fairly quickly, depending on the strength of the initial push. Although it is one-way, it is able to be pushed back to its original point to help other mice continue with the map. If it is not, the mice on the other side will be stranded and are not able to cross to the rainbow.
Arc en ciel petit.png Rotating Rainbow Bridges Players have to cross these quickly before they fell off the "land of dreams."

*The Coloured Balloons have been removed this year, because a lot of players were dying in this part of the map.

Event specific items
Image Name Description
Inventory 2227.jpg
Rainbow If enough were accumulated, earned players rewards


Objective Adventure points
Collect 10Inventory item #2227 5
Collect 25Inventory item #2227 10
Collect 50Inventory item #2227 15
Complete the map in less than 45 seconds 15
Hug someone with the same astrological cheese 5
Hug someone with the same pet 10


Unlike the previous event, and to accommodate to the new adventure calendar system, rewards are instead given when completing a certain number objectives. This event brings back the Rainbow currency that are related to certain rewards, but also has some extra objectives that can be completed. Each time the event map goal is achieved, you are given 1Inventory item #2227, 1Inventory item #800 and an assortment of consumables.

Completing an amount of tasks will earn you rewards.

Completed objectives Rewards
2 Cartouche #7
Random « Free Hugs »(380)
4 Badge #129
6 « I Cheese You »(294)

New Items[]

Image Name Type Cheese Fraise Badge
Fur #86 Blue Budgerigar Fur 5500 400 Badge #183
Head item #146 Plunger Head 250 40
Ear item #35 Butterfly Ears 600 80
Mouth item #60 Chicken Leg Mouth 150 40


  • This event features the longest map ever created on Transformice.



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