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Hugging 2016, or the Hugging Week Adventure, was the fourth adventure of 2016.


This adventure was aimed towards passing obstacles and hugging mice at a rendezvous point. The main objective was to do so throughout multiple "land of dreams" maps to earn rewards. Similar to Astrological 2016, this event introduced a new emote, it being the hug emote. It can be performed by clicking "Emote plus-icon.png", and then clicking the new Hug Emote.png hug icon.


This event introduced the following elements to Transformice's story:

  • Dreaming
  • The hugging week
  • How rewards are obtained

The mice of Transformice have always been known to be very active and competitive. Nonetheless, they still become drowsy and fall asleep, experiencing actual dreams in the process. This proves that the sleeping emote is indeed just a fake snooze that mice pull off. This event only illustrates that "dreamland" that mice experience.

The hugging week in Transformice is a whole week dedicated to depicting this dreamy stage in the form of an adventure map. According to the lore, this adventure map is in reality all a dream, meaning mice even imagine perishing in their most happy dreams and can continue to view the "land of dreams" after their supposed demise. During the hugging week, any mouse who has fallen asleep joins in on the dreamland map alongside other mice. The sync in the "land of dreams" is all client-sided, which is why one was sometimes able to see mice flying in the air (physically due to the discontinued balloons being pushed only on the floating mouse's screen; see gallery for insight). This only helped make the map look more magical and dreamlike. What is supposed to occur on the "land of dreams" is the hugging of different dreamers in the rendezvous point that is the rainbow at the center of the map. Dreamers are split into two sides, having to hug a dreamer of the opposite side. Both of these sides consist of the colors pink and blue. The reason mice hug each other is to "earn back their colors," which are probably lost due to the stressful nature of Transformice's competition and sometimes negative attitudes that are displayed.

In the adventure announcement, it was discovered that Elisah is the one who awards mice with gifts after reaching certain prerequisites. This not only proves that she is responsible for the event currencies back in 2012 and 2013 but also some consumables, badges, titles, and cartouches that aren't given in NPC shops or as prizes from characters like Fromagnus and Papaille. Either way, Elisah is probably the one who created these unique rewards since they don't simply appear out of no source.


The objective of the "land of dreams" event map was to pass through various obstacles and meet up with a member of the opposite team. There were two teams: the pink team and the blue team. Both teams had symmetrical obstacle courses following this order: vertical moving cloud, horizontal moving cloud, rotating rainbow bridge, and one-way driven cloud. Hugging any one of the opposing team members earned players Inventory 2227.jpg rainbows, which likewise earned prizes once accumulated to a certain quantity. Only one member may have been hugged for rainbows. After hugging a member of the opposing team, one's name turned white like normal to indicate that they have already been hugged and could not hug for prizes anymore.

This adventure required caution and parkour skills as well as timing skills.

Current obstacles
Image Name Description
Nuage plateforme.png Moving Clouds One type of these bounced mice up and acted like springs, requiring them to time how they move from cloud to cloud and make sure they didn't bounce too high. The other type moved horizontally, transporting mice. It sometimes moved quickly, however, so it was necessary to move quickly so to not literally fall behind.
One-Way Driven Clouds This type of cloud was pushed by mice and could have also moved fairly quickly, depending on the strength of the initial push. Although it was one-way, it was able to be pushed back to its original point to help other mice continue with the map. If not, the mice on the other side were stranded and were not able to cross to the rainbow.
Arc en ciel petit.png Rotating Rainbow Bridges Players had to cross these quickly before they fell off the "land of dreams."
Discontinued obstacles
Image Name Description
Colored Balloons Players had to hop from balloon to balloon to cross the map, and if necessary, push them.
Event specific items
Image Name Description
Inventory 2227.jpg
Rainbow If enough were accumulated, earned players rewards


Progress rewards[]

Inventory item #2227 Reward
10 « Free Hugs »(380)
15 Inventory item #801
20 Cartouche #7
40 Badge #129
60 « I Cheese You »(294)


Consumables were randomly awarded upon hugging a member of the opposing team in the "land of dreams".


Image Name Effect
Inventory item #2232 Rainbow Trail A rainbow trail follows the player around for 10 seconds.


Inventory item #28 Inventory item #800 Inventory item #18 Inventory item #33 Inventory item #1 Inventory item #35 Inventory item #5


New items

Fur badge


Image Name Type Cheese Fraise Collector
Shop-fur56.png Dream Unicorn Fur 7000 400 Tango Tick1.png
Shop-head133.png Dream Crown Head 1200 100 Tango Tick1.png
Shop-neck22.png Dream Scarf Neck 350 40 Tango Tick1.png


Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Shop-ears24.png Bunny Ear 200 30
Shop-ears14.png Anglish Bunny Headband Ear 200
Shop-head122.png Unicorn Horn Head 250 40
Shop-neck13.png Camera Neck 40
Shop-eyes24.png Aviator's Goggles Eyes 40
Shop-fur32.png Cloud Fur Fur 400


  • This event featured the longest map ever created on Transformice.
  • The consumable IDs of this event followed an unorthodox convention, skipping up to around the 2000's like event-specific inventory items instead of normal inventory items.
  • When the event first begun, there were numerous glitches with the blue side's obstacle course, such as the rotating rainbow bridge not spawning, or spawning but not allowing mice to jump onto it due to it lacking collisions. This glitch was fixed the following morning.
    • The solution to this glitch was to completely redesign the "land of dreams" map from scratch, introducing the one-way driven cloud in place of the now-discontinued colored balloons obstacle, and lowering the horizontal moving cloud to about the middle height of the map.
  • For the first 3 days of the event, the fraise consumable was tradeable. This was later revoked.




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