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 Hot Air Balloon 2016 was the third adventure of 2016.


This was an adventure aimed towards large amounts of teamwork. The main objective was to safely get one's team of mice to the rock island and obtain a ribbon, while trying to lower the other teams' odds at success. Because of this, it was crucial for all mice to participate if possible.


This event introduced the following elements to Transformice's story:

  • The Hot Air Balloon Competition
  • Modern mouse technology

This is the first adventure with lore that does not focus on the deities of Transformice.

The Hot Air Balloon Competition is an annual event that takes place in the cold month of January to warm mice up. This can help lead to the assumption that Transformice is more similar to the northern hemisphere as opposed to the south, which is warmer during January. The balloon competition is one of many friendly competitions that have taken place in Transformice, another being the snowball fight Lua map from Christmas 2013.

As for modern mouse technology, it is notable that mice have taken natural resources to their advantage. Because mice have been confirmed to be small as per the art proportions starting with Astrological 2016 map, some objects like coconuts and leaves, both of which can be found relatively close to ponds/swamps, were proven to be of value. Hot air balloons are made from a sliced, hollow coconut to act as a basket. A rope and some sacks help control the weight of the balloon. Somehow, mice have developed a replacement for the burner of a hot air balloon, instead creating energy by pacing left and right. Lastly, a leaf is what helps make the balloon fly, but is easily manipulated by the direction of the wind. It is connected to the coconut with thin string that act as grabbers. Judging by the context of the official announcement, this technology has been present for a while since this is not the first time there has been a Hot Air Balloon Competition.


The goal of the event map was to control a hot air balloon and collect the Collectible #5 ribbon on the island at the end of the pond. Unlike most events, this event required teamwork, especially since if two airships crashed into each other or branches, they exploded. The event had at most 3 balloons, each with 1 pilot, and multiple passengers:

  • Pilot: Controlled and maneuver the hot air balloon using
  • Passenger: Pumped the balloon to keep the pilot in control using , but not overwhelmingly so to avoid making the hot air balloon go haywire and pop
Event specific
Image Name Description
Inventory item #2226 Ribbon If enough were accumulated, earned players rewards


Progress rewards[]

Inventory item #2226 Reward
5 « Pilot »(379)
10 Inventory item #801
15 Cartouche #6
25 Badge #73
40 « All Aboard! »(339)


Consumables were randomly awarded at the end of the event map upon collecting a Inventory item #2226 ribbon.


Image Name Effect
Inventory item #35 Hot Air Balloon Releases a non-collidable hot air balloon with a random badge from one's profile. Players will keep the badge.
Inventory item #407 Black And White Cat fur A player's mouse equips the Black and White Cat fur for an hour.


Inventory item #800 Inventory item #22 Inventory item #19 Inventory item #25 Inventory item #1 Inventory item #2 Inventory item #20 Inventory item #23


New items

Fur badge


Image Name Type Cheese Fraise Collector
Neck item #21 Russell's Scarf Neck 150 40 Tango Cross1.png
Eye item #24 Aviator's Goggles Eyes 450 40 Tango Tick1.png


Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Neck item #13 Camera Neck 400 40
Head item #1 Beanie Head 500
Fur #32 Cloud Fur Fur 7000 400
Mouth item #49 Pie Slice Mouth 40
Head item #98 Simba Hair Head 40
Eye item #19 Skull Eyes 50
Head item #132 Crown Head 100
Fur #55 King Fur Fur 400


  • On the debut of the event, many pilots who were not actively playing the game at the time of the map caused the failure of many coconut balloon teams, and so an update was planned the next day to avoid AFK mice from being pilots.[3]
  • 4 mice were the minimum for the adventure map to appear, 6 mice were the minimum for 2 hot air balloons, and 15 mice were the minimum for 3 hot air balloons.
  • Most pilots avoided hindering the success of other hot air balloons. Instead, they solely focused on safely landing on the island at the end of the pond.




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