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Handymouse is a skill in the Physicist skill tree.

It can be used to link two objects, two mice or an object and a mouse together with a flexible chain.

How to use[]

There are two different methods you can use it depending on which things you want to link together:

  1. Use this skill on the object/mouse. Then use it again on the other object/mouse you want to link it with.
  2. Use this skill on an object. The next object you summon will be linked to it.


  • It can help start structure foundations from otherwise really difficult places, especially in divine mode.
  • With the help of an apple or divine mode's extended range, you can use this skill to travel long distances by hooking yourself or other mice to a distant anvil, flinging the mice towards the anvil, since the anvil's weight will most likely be enough to keep itself on place and force the mice to come towards it.
  • This is sometimes used by trolling shamans to kill other mice, by anchoring them to an anvil and proceed to cannonball them, use arrows to point to them or use the ability to make mice smaller.


  • The first method mentioned above works with any link you want to create (object-object, mouse-object, mouse-mouse) but the second method works with object-object connections only.
  • When creating a mouse-object link, using the first Handymouse on the mouse will waste one of your Handymouse skills, as it will consume another Handymouse upon using the second one on an object. So it is best to use the first Handymouse on the object if you want to avoid wasting one, when linking a mouse to an object.
  • Although the in-game description says you get two uses per skill point spent, you get one use per skill point spent, capping at 5 uses with 5 skill points used.
  • It doesn't have a time limit when used to link two objects, but when used on mouse-mouse or mouse-object linkages, the link will break after 10 seconds.
  • It doesn't have a range limit, meaning you can link objects regardless of how far apart they are.