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Halloween 2021 is the fifth adventure of 2021. A new ghost costume Inventory item #2533 Shop-fur211.png was released.

In this event, you have to collect different items which include brooms, cat skulls, door handles and candy bags. You can also collect candy throughout the event maps which you can use on the slot machines in the Casino map for some prizes!

Inventory items[]

Image Name Limit Unlock
Inventory item #2338 Broom 250 Collect Collectible #32 on the Flappy Mouse map
Inventory item #2336 Cat skull 250 Kill the skeleton cat
Inventory item #2337 Door handle 250 Random prize from the Opening Doors maps
Inventory item #2469 Candy bag 250 Collect Stack of candy.png on the Collector maps
Inventory item #2339 Candy 250 Collect Collectible #33 Collectible #34 Collectible #35 Collectible #36 Collectible #37 on the event maps


Flappy Mouse map

On the Flappy Mouse map, press or W to fly between columns of thorny vines. Watch out though, as if you touch one of them or die, you will be sent back to the beginning of the map! There are two brooms on the map, one is somewhere within the vine maze and the other is at the end.

Cat skull[]

On the Skeleton maps, press Space to hit the skeletons, ghosts and even the skeleton cat on the third and final map with your wand! Beware of each enemy as they can damage you, if you come into contact with them. Killing the skeleton cat on map 3 will give you a cat skull.

If not enough players get to the hole, the next map in the series won't play, preventing you from getting to the final map.

Map 1[]

Archain von Drekkemaus' manor 2.png

Map 2[]

Archain von Drekkemaus' manor 3.png

Map 3[]

Skeleton Cat map

Door handle[]

On the Opening Doors maps, you will see two flashing arrows directing you where to go. You need to choose carefully as one area will reward you with candy and potentially a door handle, however the other will be a trick and you might be killed.

Candy bag[]

Collector map

There are a several maps which contain 3 stacks of candy on them. Each time you collect a stack, you become heavier and you can carry a maximum of 3 stacks per map. You get the rewards once you bring the collected stack(s) to the hole.

# of stacks Image Rewards
1 Collectible #62 2Inventory item #2339 1Inventory item #2469 Cheese 1
2 Collectible #63 5Inventory item #2339 2Inventory item #2469 Cheese 2
3 Collectible #64 12Inventory item #2339 3Inventory item #2469 Cheese 3


Manor map

Casino map

On the Manor map, you can collect candy and exchange your items for various rewards in the NPC shops. The Casino map will play right after in which there will be Von Drekkemaus again and 3 slot machines. Here, you can spend all the candy you've collected over the maps. The left slot machine will cost you 1 candy, the middle machine will cost you 2 candies and the right machine will cost you 3 candies. Each slot machine will yield you different prizes, including a title, candy, consumables and even cheese! If you're extra lucky, you might even win the grand prize – the jackpot!

Event map rotation[]

Halloween map rotation.png

Here we have the sequence that the event maps follow in a particular room. First, the Manor map appears. On the next round, one of the three old maps, Skeleton Cat, Flappy Mouse or Opening Doors, chosen randomly comes. Then we get a round of Candy Bag, followed by another old map, but this time we can't expect the old map that appeared previously in the sequence, only one of the two remaining Skeleton Cat, Flappy Mouse or Opening Doors maps. Next one is again a Candy Bag and this time we can know which of the three old maps, Skeleton Cat, Flappy Mouse or Opening Doors, will come, the one that has not appeared yet in the sequence. The last map before the sequence restarts is yet another Candy Bag map.

The Manor map is always followed by the Casino map, the Skeleton Cat map is actually a sequence of three maps and the Opening Doors and Candy Bag maps are selected randomly from their respective "map bouquets", so to speak.



This event offers the following chests:
  • Inventory item #2473 a global chest;
  • Inventory item #2484 an event-specific chest.
Both reward one random shop item, title, badge, or cartouche. The global one—from any event. The event-specific one—from any Halloween event.
See here for a list of all rewards from the event-specific chest.
Buffy.png Buffy
Cost Reward
50Inventory item #2336 Head item #232 (New)
50Inventory item #2338 Cartouche #54 (New)
50Inventory item #2337 Badge #334 (New)
Archain von Drekkemaus.png Von Drekkemaus
Cost Reward
50Inventory item #2257 1Inventory item #2484
5Inventory item #2472 1Inventory item #2473
50Inventory item #2257 1Inventory item #2472
6Inventory item #2469 1Inventory item #2336
6Inventory item #2469 1Inventory item #2337
6Inventory item #2469 1Inventory item #2338
Voldemouse.png Voldemouse
Cost Reward
5Inventory item #2339 3Inventory item #29
2Inventory item #2469 1Inventory item #2533 (New)
35Inventory item #2339 1Inventory item #12
35Inventory item #2339 1Inventory item #9
35Inventory item #2339 1Inventory item #2502
35Inventory item #2339 1Inventory item #2503
20Inventory item #2339 1Inventory item #2437
10Inventory item #2339 1Inventory item #11
20Inventory item #2339 1Inventory item #2340

Other rewards[]

For things labeled "personally gather", trading does not count towards the amount. Instead, the amount logged on your adventure calendar is the one that matters. Buying event items from Von Drekkemaus using candy bags counts towards the "personally gather" amount.

Reward Requirement Adventure
20Inventory item #2257 Personally gather 50 cat skulls 50Inventory item #2336 Inventory 2336.jpg 20
20Inventory item #2257 Personally gather 50 door handles 50Inventory item #2337 Inventory 2337.jpg 20
20Inventory item #2257 Personally gather 50 brooms 50Inventory item #2338 Inventory 2338.jpg 20
20Inventory item #2257 Equip 10 costumes.
Note: You can do this quickly by using a costume, then equipping a fur. The fur will remove the costume, allowing you to immediately use another costume.
Calendar 11.png 20
« Vampire »(287) Say "bonbon" on the chest on Skeleton map 2
« Skeleton »(510) (New) Get Skull-halloween 2013 slot machine.pngSkull-halloween 2013 slot machine.pngSkull-halloween 2013 slot machine.png on the middle slot machine
« Nosferatu »(509) (New) Visit Von Drekkemaus on the Casino map using costumes in the following order: Pumpkin, Skeleton, Puss in Boots, Milk carton, Dinosaur, Ghost, Easter Bunny, Indiana Mouse, Mermaid, Flower, Penguin, Vampire.
  1. Inventory item #27 Pumpkin
  2. Inventory item #9 Skeleton
  3. Inventory item #2502 Puss in Boots
  4. Inventory item #19 Milk carton
  5. Inventory item #2258 Dinosaur
  6. Inventory item #2533 Ghost
  7. Inventory item #18 Easter Bunny
  8. Inventory item #22 Indiana Mouse
  9. Inventory item #2531 Mermaid
  10. Inventory item #2308 Flower
  11. Inventory item #17 Penguin
  12. Inventory item #12 Vampire

5 Emoticon.png indicates a correct costume
8 Emoticon.png indicates an incorrect costume
2 Emoticon.png indicates a repeated costume
4 Emoticon.png indicates no costume worn

Note: Von Drekkemaus has a cooldown period so you can't use a costume, switch rooms and use the next costume immediately afterwards. Relogging removes the cooldown period.

Daily quests[]

Quest Reward
Collect 30 Halloween candies 25 Cheese-currency.png
Play a slot machine 10 times 25 Cheese-currency.png
Collect 3 cat skulls 25 Cheese-currency.png
Collect 3 brooms 25 Cheese-currency.png
Collect 3 door handles 25 Cheese-currency.png

New items[]

Items released on 21 October 2021 (V1.663)

Item on
Item Name Type Cheese Fraise
Shop-fur211.png Inventory item #2533 Ghost Costume
Shop-head232-mouse.png Head item #232 Pumpkin hat Head
Shop-tail50-mouse.png Tail item #50 Crow/raven Tail 1300 130
Small box skin #40 Black cat Small box 1500 50
Large box skin #44 Black cat Large box 3000 100
Ball skin #34 Mummy Ball 1500 50
Cannonball skin #34 Spider Cannonball 3000 100
Balloon skin #41 Bat Balloon 3000 100
  • Trick vs Treat 2021 (V1.662) launched a week before this event with the following items: Ear item #80 Ear item #81 Fur #209 Fur #210
  • Items released on 27 October 2021 (V1.664): Eye item #47 Neck item #61 Tail item #51 Fur #213
  • Items released on 4 November 2021 (V1.667): Tail item #52 Hand item #50 Contact lenses #63 Contact lenses #64 Contact lenses #65 Contact lenses #66 Contact lenses #67 Small box skin #41 Large box skin #45 Cannonball skin #35 Balloon skin #42
  • Items released on 18 November 2021 (V1.670): Head item #233 Eye item #48 Small plank skin #40 Large plank skin #43 Ball skin #35 Anvil skin #20 Balloon skin #43


The Halloween-themed bar in village

  • Winning the jackpot on the Casino map awards every reward from the Halloween 2021 event except « Nosferatu »(509), 250 gold tickets, 250 candy, 1 Halloween event chest, 1 global event chest, 1 red ticket and the inventory limit of some consumables from the slot machines.
  • The candy bag map codes are @7645926 @7645969 @7645976 @7646472 @7646825 @7646961 @7646966 @7646968 @7648814 @7649103 @7650888 @7650891 @7650892 @7650894 @7650904 @7650923.
  • Event maps appear every 10-15 minutes.
  • While room hopping is possible for this event, a cooldown prevents more than two event items (other than candy and candy bags) from being obtained until the next set of event maps. Relogging removes the cooldown period.
  • Most of the event maps take place inside or right by the boundaries/gates of Archain von Drekkemaus' manor in Kürbisses-Nacht.
  • Mice are dressed as wizards on the Skeleton maps and witches on the Flappy Mouse map.
  • Standing at the spawn point of skeletons and ghosts prevents them from spawning.
  • The confetti animation was changed to sweets and the bar in village became Halloween themed.
  • Von Drekkemaus' outfit was changed from Archain von Drekkemaus old design.png to Archain von Drekkemaus.png.


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