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The overall goal of the event is to collect Candy (available on almost all event maps) and use them in the casino map.

Event specific
Image Name Limit Unlock
Inventory item #2339 Candy 250 Collect Collectible #33Collectible #34Collectible #35Collectible #36Collectible #37 on almost every map.
Inventory item #2336 Cat Skull Kill the skeleton cat
Inventory item #2338 Broomstick Collect Collectible #32 on Flappy Mouse map.
Inventory item #2337 Door Handle Random prize from door map.


Event specific
Image Name Limit
Kürbisses-Nacht streets.jpg
The Opening Doors Map
Archain von Drekkemaus' manor pumpkin garden.jpg
“Flappy Mouse” Map
The Casino
Von Drekkemaus Manor map.png
The Manor

The Opening Doors Map[]

Arrows will appear above two of the doors on the map at random, and players must choose the right door out of the two. The correct door will give them candy always and can give a door handle randomly, while the wrong door will kill them in different ways, for example, creating a hole or dropping bombs on them and possibly kill them.

Flappy Mouse Map[]

Similar to the game "Flappy Bird", players must jump by pressing the right arrow to fly in between columns, collect candy and broomsticks on the way, and reach the end of the map.

Touching the colums above or bellow will only set the player back to the beginning of the map, but falling down and out of the map results in death.

The Casino[]

This is where the candy you collected can be spent.

It costs 1 candy, 2 candy and 3 candy respectively to spin each of the machines and try your luck to win a reward. These rewards include cheese and consumables.

By spinning the chance machines it's also possible to win the Jackpot.

The Manor[]

The map has candy scattered all over it, and it's sole purpose is for mice to run around it collecting as much candy as they can.



Voldemouse.png Voldemouse
Cost Reward
10Inventory item #2338 « Weremouse »(412)
20Inventory item #2338 Badge #65
20Inventory item #2338 Badge #170
40Inventory item #2338 « Voldemouse »(371)
60Inventory item #2338 « Chestnut »(426)
Total: 150Inventory item #2338
Archain von Drekkemaus.png Von Drekkemaus
Cost Reward
5Inventory item #2336 « Zombie »(346)
10Inventory item #2336 « Casper »(343)
20Inventory item #2336 « Frankenmaus »(300)
30Inventory item #2336 « Von Drekkemaus »(307)
40Inventory item #2336 Badge #64
40Inventory item #2336 Badge #30
60Inventory item #2336 Cartouche #31
Total: 205Inventory item #2336
Buffy.png Buffy
Cost Reward
5Inventory item #2337 « Pumpkin Pie »(344)
10Inventory item #2337 « Candy *-* »(301)
20Inventory item #2337 « Pumpkin Juice »(302)
30Inventory item #2337 « Vampire Slayer »(347)
40Inventory item #2337 Badge #28
40Inventory item #2337 Badge #29
60Inventory item #2337 Badge #190
Total: 205Inventory item #2337


For things labeled "personally gather", trading does not count towards the amount. Instead the amount logged on your adventure calendar are those amount that matter.

Reward Requirement
« Vampire »(287) Say "Bonbon" next to the chest on this map
Cartouche #35 (New) Personally gather 50Inventory item #2336
Badge #218 (New) Personally gather 50Inventory item #2337
« Bewitched »(428) (New) Personally gather 50Inventory item #2338
« Transformist »(427)20Inventory item #2257 Equip 10 skins. Note: You can do this quickly by using a skin, and then equipping a fur. The fur will remove the skin, allowing you immediately to use one again.

New consumables[]

Image Name Effect
Inventory item #2437 Bat Pet
Familier 9.png
A bat pet follows one's mouse around.

New items[]

Image Name Type Cheese Fraise Badge
Fur #113 Nightfury/Toothless Fur 5500 450 Badge #217
Neck item #38 Bat Wings Neck 300 40
Hand item #10 Magic Wand Hand 1400 250




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