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The overall goal of the event is to collect Inventory item #2339 Candy (available on almost all event maps) and use them in the casino map.

All event inventory items are tradeable. While event hopping is possible for this event, anti-hopping mechanisms prevent more than two of the event currencies (other than candy) from being obtained until the next set of event maps.

Event specific
Image Name Limit Unlock
Inventory item #2339 Candy 250 Collect Collectible #33Collectible #34Collectible #35Collectible #36Collectible #37
Inventory item #2338 Broomstick Collect Collectible #32 on Flappy Mouse map.
Inventory item # 2336 Cat Skull Kill the skeleton cat
Inventory item #2337 Door Handle Random prize from door map.


Megaphone.png Main article: Helloween 2016

Starting on 13 November 2016, an enigma was added to the game for this event.

On the map with a blood fountain, you can earn the title « World Explorer »(414).


2012 Maps[]

These maps play back-to-back. On all 3 of these maps, you start with 4 lives, and can attack by pressing Space.

Crane.png BugSometimes the next map in the series won't play, preventing the player from getting to last map

Map #1[]

This map appears first during the event. The main objective is to collect Inventory item #2339 candy (map has 10 total) while making your way to the mouse hole under the fortress at the end of the map, while there is an obstacle to get through before it. Skeletons will spawn on top and bottom of the obstacle and ghosts will spawn above the fortress, eventually making their way down the fortress.

Archain von Drekkemaus' manor 2.png

Map #2[]

This map appears second during the event. The first half of the map is mostly a flat surface, following a staircase, which then leads to an area that includes the mouse hole. Skeletons scatter in the flat area in the first half of the map, being blocked by a table so that it doesn't interfere with the spawning point, and ghosts scatter in the area that includes the mouse hole, although being blocked by a barrel so that it doesn't interfere with the mouse hole. This map has 10 Inventory item #2339 candy to collect.

« Vampire »(287) is earned by reaching the chest behind the ghosts and saying "bonbon" (candy in French).

Archain von Drekkemaus' manor 3.png

Skeleton Cat (Map #3)[]


Returning again for another year, the room defeating the Skeleton cat will earn 1 Inventory item # 2336 skeleton cat item. This map also has 3 Inventory item #2339 candy available to collect. Requirements for obtaining skull is being alive when the map starts, moving (to avoid AFK status), and the skeleton dying (with or without your help). Based on requirements for winning, it is recommended (as mentioned above) that at least one mouse stand on the ghost spawn point (slightly left of the RIP stone on the map) to prevent ghosts from spawning.

Flappy Mouse[]

A swarm of mice witches needs to get through the pumpkin patch! Watch out for these thorny vines! You can earn 10[confirm] Inventory item #2339 candy and Inventory item #2338 broomsticks on this map. If you die, you will respawn. However, if you do not move as soon as the map starts and die, you will not respawn. If you manage to get to the end of the map, there is a second broom available.

The Opening Doors Map[]

There will be two arrows, pointing at where to go. You must go to one of the places where the arrows are pointing within five seconds. At one area, there will be two pieces of Inventory item #2339 candy (10 possible to earn each map) and a random chance of a Inventory item #2337. However, the other area, there will be a miscellaneous surprise waiting for you. A list of possible surprises includes pit-falling, automatic-kill, ice cubes, balloons, meep, bombs, spirits, and cannons.

Von Drekkemaus Manor[]

Like previous years this map has Inventory item #2339 candy, with this year there being 20 pieces. This is also the map you find the event NPCs on for trading in your various non-candy event currencies (at the dining room table). Mice spawn at various different areas on this map, making no 1 strategy for collecting candy the most optimal.

Von Drekkemaus Manor map.png

Casino Map[]

See the "slot machines" section below for potential prizes.


A week into the event, a ghost hunting Lua event was added (developed by Esh #0095 and Ninguem #0095). In it, you must collect batteries with Space, and after collecting 5 hunt a ghost and use Space to get rid of it. If a ghost attacks you while you don't have 5 batteries, then you'll be trapped in a Triangle.png triangle for a few seconds (which floats up a little).

Personally banishing 30 ghosts (over multiple maps) will earn you « Pac-mouse »(413).


You earn rewards by handing in your rewards to the various NPCs list below, found on the Von Drekkemaus Manor map (at the dining table).

Voldemouse.png Voldemouse
Cost Reward
40Inventory item #2338 « Voldemouse »(371)
20Inventory item #2338 Badge #65
20Inventory item #2338 Badge #170(New)
10Inventory item #2338 « Weremouse »(412)(New)
Total: 90Inventory item #2338
Archain von Drekkemaus.png Archain von Drekkemaus
Cost Reward
20Inventory item #2339 1Inventory item #2340
40Inventory item #2336 Badge #64
40Inventory item #2336 Badge #30
30Inventory item #2336 « Von Drekkemaus »(307)
20Inventory item #2336 « Frankenmaus »(300)
10Inventory item #2336 « Casper »(343)
5Inventory item #2336 « Zombie »(346)
Total: 145Inventory item #2336
Buffy.png Buffy
Cost Reward
40Inventory item #2337 Badge #28
40Inventory item #2337 Badge #29
30Inventory item #2337 « Vampire Slayer »(347)
20Inventory item #2337 « Pumpkin Juice »(302)
10Inventory item #2337 « Candy *-* »(301)
5Inventory item #2337 « Pumpkin Pie »(344)
Total: 145Inventory item #2337
Oracle.png Oracle
Cost Reward
150Inventory item #2253 Cartouche #28(New)

Slot machines[]

Note: Most of this table is copied from last year. If anything is wrong or new items are missing, please fix it or mention it in the comments.

To gain a reward, you must get 3 of a kind. Using each machine costs (from left to right): 1Inventory item #2339, 2Inventory item #2339, 3Inventory item #2339. Note that some combinations never happen. If the round ends while a slot machine is running, you will still earn the reward during the next map.

Earning the Jackpot earns you: max candy (up to 250), max Halloween-themed consumables, all Halloween badges (new and old), and all of the titles available in the slot machine.[1] Upon earning a jackpot, the game sends a server-wide message informing everyone who won the Jackpot.

Match Reward on
left machine
Reward on
middle machine
Reward on
right machine
Candy-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 5Inventory item #14 or 5Inventory item #20 10Inventory item #2202 15Inventory item #2202 or 5Inventory item #20
Gold candy-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Jackpot! Jackpot! Jackpot!
Carrot-halloween 2013 slot machine.png « Scooby-Doo »(372)
or 3Inventory item #6
« The Cursed »(373)
or 3Inventory item #14
« Poltergeist »(304)
or 5Inventory item #10
Rune-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 5Inventory item #3 5Inventory item #2 5Inventory item #23
Feather-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 5Inventory item #29 8Inventory item #29 10Inventory item #29
Cheese-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 1Inventory item #800 2Inventory item #800 3Inventory item #800
Skull-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 5Inventory item #11 5Inventory item #9
Balloon-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 5Inventory item #28 5Inventory item #28 5Inventory item #28
Sheep-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 1Inventory item #20 3Inventory item #20 5Inventory item #20
Star-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 2Inventory item #21 4Inventory item #21 10Inventory item #21

New combinations seem to give random (or at least multiple) results.

Match Reward on
left machine
Reward on
middle machine
Reward on
right machine
Bat-halloween 2013 slot machine.png
Anvil-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Snowman 5Inventory item #2255
Earrings-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 2Inventory item #2247 5Inventory item #2234 or 3Inventory item #11 5Inventory item #2330 or 5Inventory item #2232
Lemon-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 5Inventory item #4
Ball-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 3Inventory item #8
Lollipop-halloween 2013 slot machine.png « Trick or Treat »(303)
or 5Inventory item #10 or 5Inventory item #8 or 2Inventory item #19
Jack-o-lantern-halloween 2013 slot machine.png
Apple-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 5Inventory item #26 5Inventory item #14
Cannonball-halloween 2013 slot machine.png « Ghostbuster »(345)
or 5Inventory item #9
Cherry-halloween 2013 slot machine.png ?Inventory item #27 5Inventory item #8 or 2Inventory item #34
Crane.png BugWhen you win 15 candy from the slot machine you become invisible until you move

New Items[]

Halloween 2016 new items.jpg
Image Name Type Cheese Fraise Badge
Fur #79 Reaper Fur 5500 350 Badge #173
Fur #78 Werewolf Fur 8000 450 Badge #171
Neck item #29 Scythe Neck 600 50
Tail item #29 Ball and Chain Tail 800 80


  • Voldemouse aged since last year, no longer appearing as a baby, and instead appearing as a young child.
  • You can walljump slightly offscreen on the sides of the 2012 skeleton cat map
  • V1.338 on 10 November 2016 added the Reaper fur to the store, as well as a ghost pet consumable.




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