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The Halloween 2015 event started on the 6th of October 2015 and ended on the 4th of December. It was preceded by the Back to School event.

Elements of the event come from previous Halloween events as well as a few new game mechanics.

Once again, Archain von Drekkemaus and Buffy are the main characters of this event. They and their child, Voldemouse, can be found in the manor with the slot machines.

The maps are played every 10 to 30 minutes as long as there are at least 4 Players in a room.

Like in the last event, the event maps are started in all rooms at once to prevent event farming.

There are 3 maps with regular game play and 2 minigame type of games to earn Inventory item #2202 with.

Lightning Maps[]

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The room is in Night Mode and only bright flashes show the rest of the map for a split second, unless particle effects are turned off [an instance where night mode is indefinite throughout the map].


This is the Library of the von Drekkemaus manor. Here you have to share control with all the other players to move a box of mice. Push it over the candy to collect it and don't fall down!

Crane.png BugAt the start of the map, the WASD controls may kill your player mouse. Use , , and instead.

Flappy Mouse[]

A swarm of mice witches needs to get through the pumpkin patch! Watch out for these thorny vines!

Crane.png BugAt the start WASD controls did not work, try or Space instead.

Shops are available on the slots map.


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Reward Cost One time only
1Inventory item #2204 50Inventory item #2203 Tango Cross1.png


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Reward Cost One time only


Reward Cost One time only
« Voldemouse »(371) 1Inventory item #2204 Tango Tick1.png

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To gain a reward, you must get 3 of a kind.

Match Reward on
left machine
Reward on
middle machine
Reward on
right machine
Candy-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 5Consumable #14 or 5Consumable #20 10Inventory item #2202 15Inventory item #2202 or 5Consumable #20
Gold candy-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Jackpot! Jackpot! Jackpot!
Carrot-halloween 2013 slot machine.png « Scooby-Doo »(372) « The Cursed »(373)
Rune-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 5Consumable #3 5Consumable #2 5Consumable #23
Feather-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 1Consumable #29 8Consumable #29 10Consumable #29
Cheese-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 1 Cheese-currency.png 1 Cheese-currency.png 1 Cheese-currency.png
Skull-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 5Consumable #11 5Consumable #9
Balloon-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 5Consumable #28 5Consumable #28 5Consumable #28
Sheep-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 1Consumable #20 3Consumable #20 5Consumable #20
Star-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 2Consumable #21 4Consumable #21 10Consumable #21
Bat-halloween 2013 slot machine.png 2Consumable #4 5Consumable #4 10Consumable #4
Lemon-halloween 2013 slot machine.png
Ball-halloween 2013 slot machine.png
Lollipop-halloween 2013 slot machine.png
Jack-o-lantern-halloween 2013 slot machine.png
Anvil-halloween 2013 slot machine.png
Apple-halloween 2013 slot machine.png
Cannonball-halloween 2013 slot machine.png
Earrings-halloween 2013 slot machine.png
Cherry-halloween 2013 slot machine.png

New Badges
Icon Name Trade With
Badge #64 [1/2] Halloween 2015 250Inventory item #2202 Von Drekkemaus
Badge #65 [2/2] Halloween 2015 30Inventory item #2203 Buffy
Badge #66 Drekkemaus's Henchmouse Fur Buy the Drekkemaus's Henchmouse fur.
Old Badges
Icon Name Trade With
Badge #28 [1/3] Halloween 2014 10Inventory item #2203 Buffy
Badge #29 [2/3] Halloween 2014 20Inventory item #2203 Buffy.
Badge #30 [3/3] Halloween 2014 200Inventory item #2202 Von Drekkemaus

Titles which were awarded during the Halloween 2015 event
Title Achievement
« Vampire »(287) 100Inventory item #2202 Von Drekkemaus
« Frankenmaus »(300) 60Inventory item #2202 Von Drekkemaus
« Candy *-* »(301) 2Inventory item #2203 Buffy
« Pumpkin Juice »(302) 4Inventory item #2203 Buffy
« Trick or Treat »(303) 10Inventory item #2203 Buffy
« Poltergeist »(304) 14Inventory item #2203 Buffy
« Casper »(343) 20Inventory item #2202 Von Drekkemaus
« Pumpkin Pie »(302) 1Inventory item #2203 Buffy
« Ghostbuster »(345) 6Inventory item #2203 Buffy
« Zombie »(346) Defeat the skeleton cat once.
« Voldemouse »(371) Give a 1Inventory item #2204 to Voldemouse
« Scooby-Doo »(372) Get 3 Carrot-halloween 2013 slot machine.png in the first slot machine (1 candy)
« The Cursed »(373) Get 3 Carrot-halloween 2013 slot machine.png in the middle slot machine (2 candies)

Megaphone.png Main article: Consumables
Event Specific
Icon Name How to Obtain Inventory Limit
Inventory item #2202 Candy Found in event maps 250
Inventory item #2203 Rose Buy for 50Inventory item #2202 Candy 50[confirm]
Inventory item #2204 Bottle Buy for 50Inventory item #2203 Roses 50[confirm]
New Consumables
Icon Name Description
Consumable #27 Pumpkin costume Turns you into a black mouse wearing a pumpkin.
Consumable #28 Campfire Spawns a Campfire
Consumable #29 Pumpkin Postcard Send a hand-drawn postcard to someone!
Consumable #4 Bat tag Leave your name on screen next to a bat.

Megaphone.png Main article: Shop
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Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Fur #50 Drekkemaus's Henchmouse fur Fur 7000 450
Fur #52 Mummy fur
(added a month after event start)
Fur 8000 500
Head item #129 Broom Hat 400 40
Mouth item #48 Bottle Mouth 250 40
Tail item #21 Bat Tail 1500 150
Shop-anvil5.png Gravestone Anvil 1000 40
Shop-smallbox7.png Ghost box Small box 1500 50
Shop-largebox10.png Spider box Large box 3000 100



  • Since the pair has a child now, the ending to the 2014 event where Buffy and Von Drekkemaus come together seems to be canon.
  • Slot machines have now appeared in the Halloween event 3 years running.
  • Because mice used the consumables to troll the victims in 2014 Halloween 2012 maps (Such as pushing the cat with the ball and blocking mice falling with the gravestone) the consumables were completely blocked to prevent further incidents.
  • In the Halloween 2012 map, sometimes the map will skip to the second map of the event.