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Halloween 2014 is an event that takes place around Halloween. The event started on 23 October and ended on 5 December. Similar to the Halloween 2013 event, this event also includes the Halloween 2012 maps.


There will be two arrows, pointing at where to go. You must go to one of the places where the arrows are pointing within three seconds. At one area, there will be a piece of candy waiting for you. However, the other area, there will be a miscellaneous surprise waiting for you. A list of possible surprises includes pit-falling, automatic-kill, ice cubes, balloons, meep, and cannons. Following the event map is a slot machine map made for exchanging your candy in for rewards.

Vampire Halloween[]

Halloween 2014 - Vampire Halloween Instructions.png

Mice will spawn as a vampire, hence the name. To fly upwards, press the up key, and to fly downwards, press the down key. The main objective is to collect the candy on the map, although by touching the cats, going offscreen and collecting candies with black wings will result your death. Pressing space will collect a candy for you and after collecting 25 candies, you will be granted the title « Sweet Tooth »(349).

Grim's Mansion[]

Mice will spawn in a drawn-version of Grim's Mansion. The main objective is to eat all the pumpkins and then go to Grim. To eat a pumpkin, duck for about 10 times. Along the way, you will find a Vampire Chamber at the very bottom of the mansion, giving you the ability to transform into a vampire by staying in the chamber for a few seconds. By being a vampire, you gain the ability to fly by pressing space. After eating all the pumpkins, go to Grim and he will grant you the title « Spooky »(348).

Skeleton Cat[]

Returning again for another year, defeating the cat would earn the title « Zombie »(346).

The Halloween 2014 enigma[]

Megaphone.png Main article: Halloween 2014 enigma

The Halloween 2014 enigma (also known as the Buffy and Drekkemaus enigma) was a puzzle that took place in mid-October of its year. It required using fortune cookies to obtain objects that would require use in a specific place, usually accompanied with a certain phrase or emote. Once finished would earn the « Vampire Slayer »(347) title.

Slot machine rewards[]

Slot machine Combo Reward
Left Cannon « Casper »(343)
Left Skull « Vampire »(287)
Center Skull « Pumpkin Pie »(344)
Center Anvil 5Inventory item #11
All Cheese +1 Cheese.png
Center Feather « Bonbon »(301)
Left Rune 5Inventory item #2
Left Earring « Frankenmaus »(300)
Center Lollipop « Pumpkin Juice »(302)
Center Ball 5Inventory item #3
Right Ball « Ghostbuster »(345)
Right Balloon 5Inventory item #12
Left Pumpkin 5Inventory item #8
Right Pumpkin 5Inventory item #4
Left Star Badge #28
Center Star Badge #29
Right Star Badge #30
Right Sheep « Poltergeist »(304)
Left Apple 5Inventory item #5
All Golden Candy Jackpot!! *-*
Center Cherry 5Inventory item #4
Right Bat 5Inventory item #8
Right Carrot « Trick or Treat »(303)
Right Lemon 5Inventory item #11
All Candy 5Inventory item #2000

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