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Complete enigma pieces

An enigma was released for the Halloween 2013 event on 31 October 2013. Reward: « Von Drekkemaus »(307)


  1. Gaining Enigma pieces. Some enigma pieces are obtained randomly in the Halloween 2013 map, however some pieces can only be obtainable after doing a sequence.
    • Killing the skeleton cat in the 3rd map of Halloween 2012 gives a piece showing a tombstone with a tear on top of it
    • Crying where the tombstone was located in the Halloween 2013 map gives a piece showing the statue with a depiction of "anger".
    • Using the angry emote near the statue gives you the piece showing a pumpkin with a quaver note above it.
    • Dancing on one of the pumpkins on the tree gives you an enigma piece of a mouse skull.
    • Use the sleep emote on the skull in the map gives a new enigma piece.
    • Some pieces are only dropped if you kill the skeletons or ghosts by chance.
  1. Using Caesar cipher of one letter forward, "UZLOHQD" becomes "VAMPIRE".
  2. If you rearrange the numbers "0 3 6" and check the titles, title 306 is «Halloween 2013».
  3. The line graph depicts the x and y coordinates of where is the final destination is at, which locates itself at the Von Drekkemaus portrait. 2013 is the x coordinate 666 is the y coordinate.
  4. Equip « Halloween 2013 »(306) title, go under the portrait of Von Drekkemaus and type "vampire".

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