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The Halloween 2013 event uses maps from the 2012 event, as well as a new one. In most Halloween maps you have the option to collect candy. For certain maps, you will have a "health" of 4 hearts. The event takes place in Kürbisses-Nacht, where Archain von Drekkemaus's manor resides.


Back patio of Von Drekkemaus's manor

Kill the skeleton cat 3 times: Head item #39

Slot machines[]

On a special Halloween map (that often comes between repetitions of other Halloween maps), there are 3 slots machines, where mice can spend their candy. Each costs a different amount of candy, and can reward a specific number of rewards based on the slot machine. Rewards consist of items and titles.

Any slot machine[]

  • Candy-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Candy - Gives you 10 extra candy
  • Gold candy-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Gold candy - Wins you the jackpot

Slot machine 1[]

Cost per spin: 1 candy
Icon to match Reward
Rune-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Rune Shop-mouth15.png Treat Bag
Apple-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Apple Shop-mouth24.png Fangs
Cannonball-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Cannonball Shop-ears2.png Spider Earings
Earrings-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Earring « Frankenmaus »(300)
Carrot-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Carrot Shop-mouth35.png Bonbon

Slot machine 2[]

Cost per spin: 2 candy
Icon to match Reward
Cherry-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Cherry Shop-ears20.png Screw (Ear item)
Feather-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Feather « Candy *-* »(301)
Cheese-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Cheese Shop-head82.png Vampire Hat
Anvil-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Anvil Shop-head80.png Knife
Skull-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Skull Shop-neck9.png Scarf
Lollipop-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Lollipop « Pumpkin Juice »(302)
(or 40+ candies)

Slot machine 3[]

Cost per spin: 3 candy
Icon to match Reward
Jack-o-lantern-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Jack-o-lantern Shop-eyes19.png Skull (eye item)
Lemon-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Lemon Shop-tail9.png Jack-o-lantern Tail
Balloon-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Balloon Shop-head40.png Skull Mask
Sheep-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Sheep « Poltergeist »(304)
Star-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Star « Trick or Treat »(303)
Ball-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Ball Shop-head81.png Ghost Mask
Bat-halloween 2013 slot machine.png Bat Shop-eyes17.png Bandages (eye item)


# Title Achievement
287 Vampire Defeat the skeleton cat twice
300 Frankenmaus Play the slot machine on the left
301 Candy *-* Play the center slot machine
302 Pumpkin Juice Play the center slot machine
303 Trick or Treat Play the slot machine on the right
304 Poltergeist Play the slot machine on the right
305 Halloween 2012 Defeat the skeleton cat once
306 Halloween 2013 Defeat the skeleton cat once
307 Von Drekkemaus Solution of the enigma, say "Vampire" in room chat while standing under the portrait of Von Drekkemaus


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