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Halloween 2012, an event held around Halloween, contained 3 event maps. Mice dressed up with a witch's hat, a tie, a wand and glasses, slightly resembling the character Harry Potter.


All of the event maps will contain ghosts and skeletons that are randomly spawned. If they make direct contact to your mouse, it will take up 1 of your 4 lives. They can be demolished if a mouse hits it with their wand, by pressing space, for about 4 times to the creature. For the first 2 maps, they both include sidescroll and share the same main objective, to go in the hole at the end of the map. All the maps will grant you a halloween accessory after completion.

Map #1[]

This map appears first during the event. The main objective is the mouse hole under the fortress at the end of the map, while there is an obstacle to get through before it. Skeletons will spawn on top and bottom of the obstacle and ghosts will spawn above the fortress, eventually making their way down the fortress.

Map #2[]

This map appears second during the event. The first half of the map is mostly a flat surface, following a staircase, which then leads to an area that includes the mouse hole. Skeletons scatter in the flat area in the first half of the map, being blocked by a table so that it doesn't interfere with the spawning point, and ghosts scatter in the area that includes the mouse hole, although being blocked by a barrel so that it doesn't interfere with the mouse hole.

« Vampire »(287) (New) was earned by reaching the chest behind the ghosts and saying "bonbon".

Map #3[]

This map is different from the other 2 previous map, not sharing the same objectives. It is to kill the cat at the end by hitting it with the mice's wands, but the cat can kill too. The cat raises a paw and swipes mice every few seconds, and if you're not past the slanted part of the ground the cat is standing on, you will lose a life. Ghosts scatter around the area randomly, so mice must also watch out for that. If the cat is killed, you will get a Halloween accessory.


  • You could get a title, « Vampire »(287), by saying "bonbon" next to the chest in the area that includes the hole in Map #2.
  • All the event maps were used in the following up Halloween events, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.
    • Because mice used the consumables to troll the victims in 2014 Halloween 2012 maps (Such as pushing the cat with the ball and blocking mice falling with the gravestone) the consumables were completely blocked to prevent further incidents.


The Halloween items follow a sequence to be obtained. Once you have all the preceding items, you will be able to get the next in the sequence

Order Image Halloween event
Year release
1 Ear item #2 2010
2 Neck item #9 2011
3 Head item #39 2010
4 Head item #81 2011
5 Mouth item #15 2011
6 Head item #82 2011
7 Head item #80 2011
8 Head item #40 2010
9 Mouth item #24 (New) 2012
10 Ear item #20 (New) 2012
11 Eye item #17 (New) 2012