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Halloween 2011 was the second Halloween event in Transformice. While it was released between V1.10 and V1.11, the game listed the version as V1.666.

In the second annual Transformice Halloween Event, players raced for the cheese and avoid being converted into vampire mice in the new map simply named "Map Tigrounette." This map was the first side-scrolling map, and the screen would follow the players individually as they moved along the map. Mice could use Meep by pressing spacebar, which pushed other mice around them. This was presumably to repel vampire mice, but it also worked against normal mice as well. If a mouse was transformed into a vampire, he/she could not get cheese, and therefore not be able to complete the map to get an item. The earlier version of the map had a dynamic piece of grass with a red anchor. Due to issues of the block falling into the void due to a bug causing the ground to be not anchored and thus impossible to complete, Tigrounette replaced it with a static, rotated grass ground. The map could appear in both Vanilla rooms and normal rooms; there is no documented proof that it appears any more or any less in Vanilla rooms. Mice created "suicide-rooms" where mice constantly jumped off the map until the Halloween map appeared, since the map showed up in regular rotation and would presumably show up more frequently if normal maps were completed faster.

'Map Tigrounette' was removed on November 8th, 2011.


Halloween 2011 Map.png

During the map, one mouse would have been selected to be a vampire and try to infect the other mice by touching them (This is similar to the Vampire Survivor Maps in Survivor Mode), mice would be able to "Meep" a bat away (by pressing Space) to avoid getting infected. (Also, you can play this minigame anytime by typing /room #infected at the chatbar) This was the first "side-scrolling" map put into the game.

At some time during 'Map Tigrounette' a player is chosen randomly to become the first vampire mouse. The first mouse then infects the other mice around them by constantly touching/overlapping them. Vampire mice are not allowed to get the cheese nor enter the hole. For the most part they operate like normal mice, but are not able to duck with the down key nor able to use any emoticons.

When 'Map Tigrounette' was first introduced, many assumptions were made on how the first vampire mouse become a vampire. For example: If you passed through the swarm of bats at the top of the map near the cheese, you become a vampire mouse. As everyone reaches midway of the map, the mouse ahead of everyone else becomes the first vampire mouse.

This confusion was finally settled via Transformice's EN Twitter account with the following: "@ (will not be named for privacy issues) The first vampire is chosen randomly. Then, he infects the other mice by touching them ^^"

New features[]

The 2011 event brought: three new balloon textures, Halloween-themed map editor decorations and a graveyard background, and a Halloween splash screen as well. No new titles were introduced with this event.


The Halloween items follow a sequence to be obtained. Once you have all the preceding items, you will be able to get the next in the sequence

Order Image Name Type Halloween event
year release
1 Ear item #2 Spider Earring Ears 2010
2 Neck item #9 Spooky Scarf Neck 2011
3 Head item #39 Pumpkin Head Head 2010
4 Head item #81 Ghost Sheet Head 2011
5 Mouth item #15 Treat Bag Mouth 2011
6 Head item #82 Vampire Hat Head 2011
7 Head item #80 Knive on the head Head 2011
8 Head item #40 Skull Mask Head 2010