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Groundhog 2018, or the Charlotte's Slumber Adventure, is the third adventure of 2018. It is based off the Groundhog Day North American holiday.

This event is identical to the Groundhog 2016 event.


This adventure was aimed towards waking up a character named Charlotte. Players were awarded for doing so in various ways, with the traditional prizes being titles and other permanent goodies alongside consumables. This adventure featured the return of the formerly rare skeleton consumable.[confirm]


This event introduced the following elements to Transformice's story:

  • Charlotte
  • Trinkets/Souvenirs
  • Mouse homes
  • Hibernation

Every year, a lazy mouse named Charlotte hibernates during winter and must be woken up by her fellow mice when spring starts, reflecting the North American holiday known as Groundhog Day. She has occasionally been dubbed the name "Charlotte the Marmot" because of her hibernation cycle being similar to that of a groundhog. It is notable that Charlotte is slightly larger than the average mouse, possibly due to her being more developmentally matured. This could also back up why she has a trinket collection, likely taken as an alternative pastime by her over cheese collecting since she seems to be older. The fact that Charlotte awards mice with cheese coins gives players the sense that she does not need cheese and is getting rid of all of hers, similar to King Fromagnus, who is wealthy and quite evidently has excess cheese.

Aside from the obvious abundance of teapots, Charlotte has a diverse array of trinkets located in the tree stump she calls home. Most of them date back to Fishing 2015, where the Transformice Museum made its debut. To clarify, lots of Charlotte's trinkets seem to be small souvenirs of the exhibits in the museum. One can view all of Charlotte's trinkets by clicking on the gallery image displaying all of them.

Although the premiere of Charlotte and her trinkets seems like sufficient story line components for one adventure, the discovery of mouse homes also proves convenient to further discovering mouse life. Stated in the official announcement, Charlotte lives in a tree stump. This largely disproves the idea that tribe houses are canonical mouse homes. This may seem like a downgrade (considering tribe houses can be very lavish compared to a simple wooden tree stump), but it is worth noting that Charlotte's home has witnessed architectural transformations, such as having three round windows. Also, her tree stump has a mailbox, the previously mentioned trinkets, stable furniture, and lighting. Around the sides of her home is greenery that has clearly been managed, possibly by mowing.


As previously mentioned, the objective of the map is for players to wake up the sleepy mouse Charlotte.

Players are able to wake her up from her deep slumber by intruding her tree stump and yelling "Charlotte" (not case sensitive) in the chat a minimum of one time[1] until the left-side bar is filled. Once filled completely, the players will get a teapot.

Event Specific Items
Image Name Description
Inventory item #2233 Teapot If enough are accumulated, earns players rewards
Crane.png BugTeapots currently do not appear in player inventories, but are still counted. Progress can be checked by looking at the adventure calendar.


The number of mice in the room didn't make it easier to complete the event.[2] Players were advised not to "complete the event in packed rooms" because "it's the proportion of players screaming that counts, not the number".[3] At least 80% of a room needed to say Charlotte, and bigger rooms with more idle players would have had a harder time.[4]

Crane.png BugSome players experienced "dying" on the event map; however, this was not actually death, but instead being moved to the top-left of the screen, the "null point" (unfortunately, due to how map is set up, one does not see this point normally, since its coordinates are (0,0))).
Crane.png BugSometimes Charlotte was already awake and the map was unable to be completed. This was due to players spamming Charlotte before the adventure map even came, prematurely "filling" the meter and thus leaving a non-responsive meter and a woken Charlotte once the map actually came.


Originally, it was planned for mice to transport Charlotte's bed out of her tree stump by carrying her bed out in the traditional style of Groundhog Day, where many animals awake from their hibernation, or, in this case, season-long slumber.

This idea was later scrapped due to the complications that could occur because of Transformice's hectic physics engine.[5]


Progress rewards[]

Inventory item #2233 Reward
10 « Groundhog »(381)
15 Cartouche #8
20 « Snorer »(433) (New)
25 Badge #130
30 « Grilled Chestnut »(290)

Returning consumables[]

Consumables were randomly awarded upon contributing to the waking of Charlotte.

Inventory item #2234 Inventory item #800 Inventory item #35 Inventory item #6 Inventory item #32 Inventory item #5 Inventory item #21 Inventory item #33 Inventory item #9 Inventory item #12 Inventory item #13 Inventory item #17 Inventory item #18 Inventory item #19 Inventory item #22 Inventory item #27 Inventory item #407

New items[]

Groundhog 2018 items.jpg
Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Head item #155 Head 400 40
Small box skin #13 Small box 1500 50
Large box skin #16 Large box 3000 100


  • Spam was permitted in the duration of the event map, and consequently moderators were not allowed to mute players for such reason.
  • Despite the announcement saying so, singing and flooding Charlotte with messages would not wake her up and would instead decrease the meter.
    • The announcement likely said so for storyline purposes.




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