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For the module, see Gravity (module). For a list of maps with altered gravity, see Category:Gravity maps.
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A mouse in map 81 falling into the sky by gravity

Gravity is the automatic vertical acceleration that varies from map to map. Gravity mostly pushes mice downwards, except in map 81, in which gravity is reversed until 1:30, sending mice upwards. Most maps have the same gravity. However, in some maps gravity has been reduced to allow mice to jump higher.

Gravity is a factor in all maps, although in most maps gravity is always in the down direction and with a standard strength. The default gravity amount for maps is 10. Many user-generated maps also utilize gravity changes.

As of the 27 August 2010 game update (V0.67), gravity can be modified for user made maps.

Shaman skill Gravitational Anomaly Skill icon - Gravitational Anomaly.png lets the shaman disable gravity for a few seconds.

Map # Gravity
Normal 10
Map 38 5
Map 81 -8
Map 215 9.6
Map 222 -8

Vanilla maps[]

Map 81[]

This map will turn its gravity upside-down (-8 gravity measures) if the timer is into 10 seconds. Thus, the shaman must make a roof in the duration of the 10 seconds in order to avoid all the mice dying.

Map 38[]

This map has a lighter gravity than usual, specifically 5 amounts of gravity. A reasonable answer for this is so that the mice can get to the cheese more easily and that it's a collision map.

Map Editor[]

Gravity can be adjusted in the map editor by going to Map Settings and changing the amount of gravity. Adding a - sign to a number will make the gravity go upwards.


The XML tag for gravity is G, which also includes wind. Inside the quotations, the second number is to represent gravity. The tag is normally placed at the beginning of the XML, between <C><P and /><Z><S.

Example: <C><P G="0,-10" /><Z><D /><O /></Z></C>