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Ghosts is a minigame.


The menu is located at the top-left corner. Opening it will display the help, profile and ranking buttons.

Information that the profile contains are: rounds played, wins, points, ghosts slaughtered, innocents slaughtered and medals.



As innocent your main objective is to run away from ghosts and find green objects, when you get 5 objects, you will get a spellbook, but you have to be careful because the ghosts will try to stop you from collecting.

Innocent with a spellbook[]

For each 3 ghosts, an innocent is selected to have a book and scare the ghosts by clicking on the player.


The ghost has a potion, it takes 1 second to use it (in that time the ghost is visible to everyone) and you can haunt the ghost by pressing Space next to your target.


Key Effect
Space Haunt ghost
H Use flashbang
Command Effect
!help Display help
!tc [text] Say to other ghosts