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For shaman modes, see Shaman modes.

Game modes can be found on the rooms screen (Room icon button next to main menu button), or can be entered by typing /room [name of game mode in lowercase]+[any content following it, often a number]. Examples: /room vanillaTwo, /room vanilla1, 2, 3, /room vanillaAllFriendsGoHere.

Room names are case sensitive, but the game mode can be upper or lower case. For example Vanillathe is different than vanillathe, but both send you to a vanilla room.

Adding a * before the game mode will bring you to the international version of the room, where mice from all servers can join together.

Game modesEdit

Image Name
Normal Normal
Vanilla Vanilla
Survivor Survivor
Racing Racing
Music Music
Bootcamp Bootcamp
Defilante Defilante
Module Module
Village Village

Minor game modesEdit


  • There are some special rooms that don't have a game mode (or at least not by default):
    • Room 801—This room plays the same as a village room, despite not having village in its name.
    • Tribe House—By default has no cheese and never ends, and is private for your tribe. Note that it can play maps and modules of your choosing by the use of the /np and /module chat commands respectively.
    • Totem and Map Editor—Both of these are special, private rooms that are only used for editing user-specific content.