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Funemployed is a slow-paced card minigame. The goal is for the designated employer to find someone to hire.



A single player is the employer each round, who gets to decide what job position they want to hire. They can pick from a list of pre-defined cards, or come up with their own.

After they've selected a job, they will select employees from a list at the right to interview, who will then tell the employer in turn why they think they deserve the job. Once the employer has come to a decision on whose application was the best, they get to hire them.



Every other player in a round is an interviewee, and when it the employer chooses to interview them, the interviewee must explain in chat why they think they deserve the job. In their interview, they must use 3 of the cards they've gotten and work it into the application by including the words in their chat messages. Once they've used all 3, the employer can choose to hire them.