Transformice Wiki

This is a list of free items in Transformice.

Item Type How to obtain
20 Cheese-currency.png Shop cheese Type "/facebook"
40 Cheese-currency.png Shop cheese Validate your email
Ear item #9 Ear item Validate your email
Head item #95 Head item Type "/atelier801"
Badge #9 Badge Do the emote sequence "confetti, dance, confetti, clap, kiss" on either map 0 or any user-made map.
Note: You must use the confetti button Confetti-icon.png, not E.
Badge #42 Badge Play Transformice on Steam
Badge #269 Badge While wearing the moustache Mouth item #1, go to any village room. Stand on the red chair located in the treehouse with Elise and Papaille and type "/anvilgod 73".
Note: The moustache must be the default color.
Badge #328 Badge In Tomb Rumble, buy it from Sallah's shop for 100 coins.