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Fortmice is a module. It became semi-official in September 2019 and official in January 2021. Knock down your enemies while building and surviving the storm, the last player standing wins.


  • Do not enter the storm or you will die.
  • Approach and open a chest with click to get a special armament or consumable.
  • Build platforms to cover you or move on the map.
  • The finals of the matches are more intense; the platforms last less, the bullets cross the grounds and the storm changes direction randomly.


  • Floor: [X] Place a floor on the feet of your mouse.
  • Ramp:[C] Place a ramp towards the direction of your mouse.
  • Rescue: [Z] Place a ground far below your mouse for when you are plummeting.
  • Consumable: [space] Activate or use consumables (traps, launch pads, booster).