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Football is a module simulating real-world football.
There are two teams and one gate for each team. The objective is to kick the ball into the opponents' goal.


The ball is shown in arrows when on the ground. When a mouse shoots the ball into the air, the ball is shown as an upwards cannonball. When someone takes the ball, it will be represented by cheese on their back. Opponents can steal the ball if the player takes too long to shoot. The gates are represented by water ground. When the ball hits the water, the score changes and the room resets. If the ball is offscreen, the room also resets. When a team reaches 20 points, that team wins and the scores reset. Players work as a TEAM in this game, so they should cooperate to score!


  • Press Space to take the ball, shoot the ball or steal the ball from an opponent.
  • Jump () in the air and shoot to kick the ball high.


  • !help - Displays this whole section
  • !t [message] - Team chat


  • X scored! - When a mouse kicks the ball into the goal.
  • X missed! - When a mouse kicks the ball above the goal.
  • X scored after a pass from Y! - When a mouse kicks the ball, a friendly mouse catches it and scores immediately after.
  • X scored an own goal! - When a mouse kicks the ball to its own team's goal.


  • The ball lags a lot. It can be difficult to catch a ball moving on the ground.