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In Fishing 2013, a new map played randomly in 10-20 minute intervals in regular rooms in which you are stranded on a desert island. You could explore the island and fish in watering holes for new items and titles! There were also traps around the island that you needed to be wary of.

You had to fish! The map was huge and there were various places to be able to fish, including clouds, ponds, caves and the beach. Some you could get to by yourself, others you needed the help of shamans.

You had the standard two minutes to fish as much as you can. The map also had two shamans to help mice reach places that are inaccessable normally to mice.

To fish, lower by pressing and holding the down key at any water point.

The Fishing 2012 fishing map also existed, with a pirate ship replacing the old sail boat. Getting to the other side of the map and into the hole would unlock the « Tonnerre de Brest »(253) title if you hadn't already unlocked it previously.

You could get all the previous items from Fishing events in the past plus two exclusive items just from this event. There is also a Hawaiian flower earring Ear item #25 that you can purchase at any time now or after the event.


Shop items[]

Item Fishing location
Head item #56 The bench below the murel of the Shaman Goddess in the cave
Head item #57 The pond between the beach and the inland small sand island
Head item #58 The small body of water next to the tree house
Ear item #7 On top of the small sand island on the beach
Ear item #8 The small puddle in the entrance to the cave
Mouth item #11 On the beach on the far left
Head item #89 The large pond in the middle of the forest
Head item #91 The small puddle to the right of the large pond in the forest
Head item #90 On top of the tall sand island between the beach on the far left
Head item #93 On top of the pile of rocks in front of the tallest tree
Head item #92 The small body of water on top of the tallest tree
Head item #109 (New) Palm tree on the far left
Mouth item #34 (New) Top left puddle in the entrance of the cave


Title Achievement
« Tonnerre de Brest »(253) Complete the ship map
« Explorer »(296) (New) Fish in pond in the clouds
« Sardine »(297) (New) Fish in the top right puddle on the left side of the cave, above the Shaman Goddess murel
« Fishermouse »(298) (New) Fish in the top basin on the far right in the cave
« Adorer »(299) (New) Reward for solving the enigma: Wear Mouth item #11 and Head item #89, then go to the shaman inside the cave on the fishing map and say "Elisah"


Megaphone.png Main article: Fishing 2013 enigma


  • This was the first time the Fishing event came after the Easter event (since the Fishing event was originally an "April Fools" event, which as such came in April). It was mostly likely moved to prevent the two event from running at the same time, as well as give an event during summer.
  • This event is were mice learned the Goddess Shaman's true name, Elisah.
  • A user-made version of the scrolling map is @5917728.




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